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April 9, 2008

LOTD for April 9

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The H-1B limit was hit on the first day again and a lottery will be used:

Remember the small business run by the kid and the massage therapist that was selling fake ammo to Afghanistan? The State Department just suspended their shipments. Turns out that this company was the principal munitions supplier to Afghanistan’s army and police since the US Army gave them the contract!

Defense radar systems are moving their DSP operations from the back-end to front-end hardware logic:

Small businesses who have DoD funding can get money from this San Diego organization to transition their work:

This Navy Seal *really* deserved the Medal of Honor. He died after throwing himself on a grenade that saved his fellow Seal’s lives:

Amazingly, this British marine threw himself on a grenade and survived. He even demanded to continue his patrol and set up an ambush (since he knew the Taliban would send a patrol out to check out the explosion) in which he killed a Taliban insurgent in Afghanistan. Wow!:

This North Carolina politician visited Iraq and really seems to have messed up during and after his trip. Violating Green Zone security, complaining about a guard in the Green Zone, with it all on video:

Blackwater’s Iraq contract was renewed for Iraq security:

Boeing delayed its 787 Dreamliner for the third time and is now at least 15 months behind schedule:

HP is now shipping a laptop that has Via, not Intel, inside:

Yahoo gets support by their 2nd biggest shareholder in their battle with Microsoft over the purchase price:

This analyst concludes that Microsoft will not be getting a decent return on investment if they buy Yahoo for $40+ bil:

The Wall Street Journal guy who predicted yesterday that the 3G iPhone would be released in 60 days has now backed away from his prediction:

In order to compensate employees for closing a factory in Germany, Nokia is paying $314 mil to the employees. That comes out to an average of $124k going to each employee!

Alltell has a really cool text-to-landline feature now. A cell phone user can send a text message to a landline phone. The message will be converted to voice for the landline user, and the voice response will be converted to a text message for the cell phone user:

New energy-saving computer uses 70% less power than today’s desktops:

Supplements are now being sold in Japan targeted for gamers. They claim that 1 is good for the eyes and 1 is good for concentration:

Interesting study that claims men can tell if a woman is looking for a one-night stand or a relationship by certain facial features (mainly the size of her eyes) and women judge whether or not a man is looking to settle down by certain facial features:

Baby born with two faces is being worshipped as a goddess in India:


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