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April 11, 2008

LOTD for April 11

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It is amazing that “sensitive” military equipment is being sold on eBay and Craigslist, including parts for fighter jets only used in Iran:

This active duty Army lieutenant colonel has served 2 tours in Iraq and provides some *very* interesting insight into the surge and how its effectiveness is limited. I’m surprised that an active duty officer can speak so candidly about this:

The Air Force has had to really cut back on jet flybys for sporting events. I didn’t realize that one of those flybys costs the taxpayers $100,000 for fuel alone, not counting the costs for the pilots and planes:

This researcher applied analytics to the survival rate of crew members wearing red shirts during the original Star Trek series:

Analyst says that all the fighting over Yahoo (Microsoft/News Corp/AOL/etc.) makes Google look even better. Amazing that Yahoo would make over $1 bil by outsourcing its searches to Google…I didn’t realize that Google made so much more per search than Yahoo!

Researchers have a limited supply of cancer cells to study when looking for cures. Stanford researchers found a way to create cancer from stem cells:’

Amazing new robot from MIT is extremely expressive and is a little creepy:

China’s economy grew 11.9% last year, surpassing estimates:

4.3 BILLION barrels of oil are available in North Dakota and Montana. This will significantly change those parts of those two states!

The FCC is setting up an alert system where people would get text messages sent to their cell phones to let them know about natural disasters and other urgent situations?

VC says that water “is the next oil”, as it is often scarce where it is most needed:

Cerritos landscaper who is struggling financially finds $140k in unmarked bills…and turns them in. Brinks gave him a $2k reward for finding the money they lost. It does seem a tad low to me…but hopefully others in Cerritos will help him pay for his upcoming wedding:

Seaplane in Florida hits an alligator while trying to take off and flips over and crashes:

It is sad that the high school that Lori and I went to has been doing so badly that they might lose control of governing themselves and have to drop band, art and sports:

Post-it note of the future:

Mathematics and computer programs are enabling amazing advances in origami (thanks brew for the article!):

This Virginia school took its students on a pretty unusual field trip…to a Nevada brothel!

This TV station put together a list of the hottest female athletes:


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