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April 14, 2008

Links of the Day

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Last month the Coast Guard denied that faulty radios were going to delay the deployment of their new ships, and they really went after the writer of that report. Here is that writer’s take on the Coast Guard’s response to his reporting. The writer had said that the delay would be 6 months or more and the Coast Guard vehemently denied that:

Today, the Coast Guard says that faulty radios is going to delay the deployment of their new ships by up to 2 years. They conveniently forgot to mention their denials last month. Apparently a big problems is that the COTS radios are leaky and classified communications can leak outside of the ship:

Our F-22s have a big problem with the clams that are dropped on a runway at Langley Air Force Base:

Michigan researchers developed a material that can be incorporated cheaply into sensors that detects many types of IEDs:

The Vendors got together and agreed to LTE IP rights, single-digit percentage of handset price and single-digit dollar amount for laptops as the maximum amounts:

AOL landed a big advertising deal with Verizon:

Yahoo is close to merging with AOL, which would let it escape the Microsoft takeover:

Analysts and columnists wrote about how Microsoft Windows is “in danger of collapsing”:

Even though the company who makes the voting machines resisted independent testing, testing was ordered in New Jersey due to concerns over the performance of the machines:

Couple argues over which gang their 4-year-old should join, resulting in the Father being arrested:

Blockbuster offers over $1 bil to buy Circuit City:


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