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April 15, 2008

LOTD for April 15

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We will elect a President this year using voting machines that can be hacked, and right now the priority isn’t to fix the known bugs of the voting machines but instead to figure out how to check them for fraud:

Air Force research funding first supported doctoral work in multi-user detection (MUD), with Dr. Learned establishing a research group at BAE in 1998 that has furthered her thesis work. The group has developed radios that can transmit at the same time over the same frequency. DARPA is now funding more work by this group:

Stolen military equipment has been found for sale on eBay and Craigslist. Parts for Iranian aircraft (that were supposed to have been destroyed), military uniforms, night vision goggles, etc., are a big security risk! Investigators also found that the US government’s own liquidation website has sold sensitive items and that the DoD has sold items at a fraction of their value while still buying units of the same item!

The insurgents in Iraq have new fuses that make their rockets up to 50-60 times more effective:

I find it interesting that the Air Force and Coast Guard are so anti-blogging but the Navy explicitly encourages blogging:

It turns out that the armed robots were NOT pulled out of Iraq and are in fact still there (though not seeing any action):

Unusual swarm of earthquakes (600 in 10 days!) have been measured off central Oregon. These types of earthquakes normally occur before a volcanic eruption…but there are no volcanoes in Oregon!

The Bakken Formation (mainly in Montana and North Dakota) not only contains up to 4.3 billions barrels of oil, but also 1.85 trillion cubic feet of natural gas and 148 million barrels of natural gas liquids:

Oil found off the coast of Brazil that could contain up to 33 billion barrels:

Global warming is leading to water shortages in a number of regions in the world. This report says that has already led to water tensions but does not expect the water situation to lead to wars:

Leap Wireless suggests that Verizon and AT&T be excluded from bidding on the D block spectrum because they got so much spectrum in the 700 MHz auction:

CBS has launched a citizen journalism website where the public can upload videos and images of newsworthy events via their cell phones. CNN and other networks have similar sites running already:


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