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April 17, 2008

LOTD for April 17

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South Korea has a nationwide bird flu alert and have deployed troops and put firefighters on standby to try to contain its spread:

The Army is destroying a batch of chemical weapons found in Hawaii from WWII days:

The Army demonstrated its future combat technologies to Congress last week:

This blogger sharply criticized the people involved with the Littoral Combat Ship (calling their meeting this week a “mass gathering of incompetent people):

The Navy and Lockheed responded quickly to the blogger’s comment:

Purdue researchers identified the top 20 CO2 emitting counties in the US–some of the counties on the list surprised me. Some notables not on the list include San Diego, Austin, and Dallas:

Electric solar wind sail is getting closer to being used for space travel:

India has been doing so well that they now have to outsource work to Egypt!

The House had a hearing about the failed D block auction. They will auction that frequency soon, but they are trying to figure out how to best serve the public safety needs with that auction:

Vodafone’s CEO says that Verizon will do LTE before Vodafone. Verizon did just win the 700 MHz spectrum so they have enough spectrum for LTE while Vodafone might need more spectrum before implementing LTE:

China Mobile is donating 15,000 3G phones based on TD-SCDMA to the Chinese Olympic Committee:

Drastic price cuts for the iPhone in Europe appear to show that the demand for the iPhone isn’t that high in Europe:

The testing of Yahoo outsourcing ad search efforts to Google went really well and Yahoo apparently likes having Google Ads on Yahoo search pages. The Wall Street Journal reports that a deal between Yahoo and Google is increasingly likely, which would probably help Yahoo turn down Microsoft’s purchase offer.

Note: I can understand how Microsoft would be worried about how much it would cost to retain Yahoo’s employees. It is hard for me to believe that Microsoft paid $800 mil for Tellme networks and paid another $100 mil to retain Tellme employees. That comes out to $300k per Tellme employee!

Only 17% of US citizens pay off their credit cards each month!

Call girls often are called to Danish nursing homes:

This teach in Tampa was arrested *again*, the second time in a month she was arrested for sex with students at her Middle School!

North Carolina teacher resigned and was arrested due to having sex with a student. The twist on this arrest is that the student was also female. Even though the high school student had turned 18, North Carolina laws do not allows for ANY age of consent in a teacher-student encounter. I wonder if professors in North Carolina will have to worry now?

Thief steals a collection of rare coins…then 3 days later he takes the coins to a bank for safekeeping and deposits the coins with the person he stole the coins from!

Amazing that every major league baseball team made money last year. Only 3 teams claimed an operating loss, but they aren’t counting the revenue from the cable channel that televises their games…that is one of their biggest revenue streams!

This used book swapping website looks to be doing quite well:


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