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April 21, 2008

LOTD for April 21

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By the way, if anyone getting these e-mails wants to search through old editions of the LOTD (formerly the AOTD v2), I set up an archival blog at: Several people reading this were not getting it from the start, so I thought I should create a quick blog for them.


It is amazing to me that a new super-agency in Russia is requiring ALL devices with WiFi in Russia to be registered. Setting up a WiFi access point in a home would require a set of documents and technological certifications–similar paperwork that is required for a cellular tower!

Interesting that 26.1% of hybrid cars sold in the US are bought in California:
MSN article

GM is releasing a hybrid car in China. Interesting that Prius sales have been so slow in China, which they attribute to the Chinese being unfamiliar with hybrid cars:
MSN article

Defense Secretary Gates states that the Air Force is not doing enough to support the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and should cut back on work that focuses on future threats to allocate more resources for the current wars. This could explain the cutbacks in the Air Force SBIR program and other decisions made by the Air Force lately:

Travelers have different opinions on the airport security device that lets them see through clothing to search for concealed weapons:

Proposal to offer 2.1 GHz spectrum to a company who will ofer free wireless broadband that reaches 95% of the US, though this Silicon Valley-area Representative defines “broadband” as 200 kbps:

Looks like WiMAX is doing well in rural areas of France that do not have access to ADSL:

12% of people surveyed in the US and UK say that they have used other people’s unsecured WiFi APs:

Nintendo Wii sales beat Xbox 360 and the PS3 combined…driven by the release of Super Smash Brothers:

Viacom is making its own pay-movie channel and it looks like Showtime will be losing a lot of its movies to the new channel:

Gannett (largest newspaper publisher in the US) had earnings drop 9% this quarter:

The topics for the latest DoD SBIR round was released today. I’ve already read through all of this:


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