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April 22, 2008

LOTD for April 22

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On Earth Day Infoworld released its Green 15 list, consisting of the top 15 organizations that have made significant energy-saving, waste-reducing initiatives:

CNN/Fortune have an interesting article about electric motorcycles:

Electric motor scooter that has a max speed of 62 mph and a range of 35-55 miles:

This is the first road-qualified electric motorcycle. It has a range of 35-45 mph and a top speed over 50 mph.

This company is making 3-wheel, plug-in hybrid vehicles:

Electric bikes and scooters are apparently already making a difference to China’s environment:

Recruiting pressures have led to a significant increase in the military accepting recruits with felony convictions and drug offenses. Not surprisingly, the stats found that recruits that the military had to get a waiver to admit were much more likely to be kicked out of the military in their first 2 years of service. The Army and the Marines have had the biggest recruiting pressure and grant the most waivers, and both also are waiving the medical requirements (such as admitting overweight people) and the high school diploma requirement:–

Article on how Stanford professors are looking for new ways to design chips that would make computer systems use less energy. Amazing that computer servers and the infrastructure to cool them require more than 1% of the total electrical use in the US:
R&D Magazine article

BASF is working hard to try to get the European Commission to approve the first genetically modified potato:

Samsung’s Chair resigned after his tax evasion charges, with included $4.5 bil of Samsung stock into accounts with “borrowed names”:

Analyst report predicts that Linux (LiMo, Android) could get 20% market share of the high-end mobiles:

Interesting robot competition in Germany–robots compete to see who can find the most victims in a search-and-rescue mission, with an environment simulated as if it was after a natural disaster:

Interesting article (and awesome photos!) of sea forts in the UK:
Click here for the article/

Remember the article in the LOTD last week that wrote about how Russian President Putin was going to be marrying a former Olympic Champion gymnast? The newspaper that broke the story just got shut down:


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