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April 23, 2008

LOTD for April 23

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This is EXTREMELY disturbing. It appears that the FBI is investigating how the Chinese government or Chinese hackers have allegedly put back-doors into highly secure government and computer networks. It appears that 2nd- and 3rd-level subscontractors have been buying fake Cisco routers and switches (sold at 1/6 the price of the real products!) that have been installed in basically *every* government network that has had upgrades or bought new units over the past 18 months:

Lockheed created a wireless cyber security lab that allows defense and intelligence agencies to test and evaluate wireless systems like WiFi on a TS/SCI network:

Virginia Tech study looks at how much water is needed to produce various types of energy:

Northrop’s new UAV contract with the Navy may create 1700 new defense jobs in San Diego that will last for at least 6 years on this contract:

This article about the $1.16 bil Northrop deal mentions that Australia has already invested in the development of this UAV program and is expected to buy the UAVs also. So, the value of the deal goes well beyond the $1.16 bil mentioned so far:

The new Coast Guard cutter not only has communication system so faulty that it probably cannot be used for classified communications like it was supposed to be designed for, but when the Navy inspected it they found 2,816 problems and 8 serious deficiencies (not counting the communications problems!):

Interesting analysis of the impact on the promotion that Gen. Petraeus is being nominated for:

Scientists say that the missile defense system currently being built is not worth the $277 bil or so that it will cost and that it will NOT be able to protect our country. They say that the DoD has misled the public on the capabilities of the missile defense system:

BAE is now selling their AJ system for GPS, both as a complete system and as an upgrade to current GPS systems:

The marines and Navy plan to buy ScanEagle UAVs:

General Dynamics just got an $140 mil JTRS contract:

Video of how it wasn’t a good idea for this Afghan Army soldier to smoke pot before a firefight. There is also a video of how Canadian troops had to deal with a thick forest of pot plants that was 10-feet high:

New tax rules in India will make is much more expensive for US companies that outsource work to India or those who have divisions in India:
Inforworld article

Apple just bought chip designing company P. A. Semi for $278 mil in cash. Apparently, they will use that company’s low power chips instead of Intel’s chips for future iPhone (and possiby iPod) systems:

Yahoo! says yesterday that it might accept Microsoft’s offer, though at the same time they revealed that they had already spent $14 mil in fees to advisers to help them fight off Microsoft:

The NY Supreme Court upheld the rule that bans students from having cell phones in public schools in New York:

Honda’s Nav systems in Japan include an optional overlay that shows the high crime areas on the GPS Navigation map, so people can navigate around them. The Nav system links to local police stations and provides crime ratings by location, giving a warning when an area is too dangerous:

Taser used by police on a man in Canada set off a fire in his pants!

Prince William landed his UK military helicopter in his girlfriend’s family’s garden:
Reuters article

This analyst tends to be extremely negative, but it is notable that his prediction is that the housing slump now will exceed what happened during the Great Depression:
WSJ blog entry


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