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April 24, 2008

LOTD for April 24

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I’m guessing NextWave’s WiMAX trials didn’t go well in Vegas…they are selling ALL of their frequency spectrum in the US!
Article link

Sprint says that backhaul and billing problems are the reasons behind the delay of their WiMAX launch:

Looks like TowerStream will beat Sprint and be the first commercial 16e provider. the interesting is that they are upgrading from 16d (fixed WiMAX) to 16e (mobile WiMAX) but are NOT using 16e to enable mobile service. They are using 16e for fixed broadband:

It looks like the way that the spectrum is being auctioned in the UK could prevent *any* WiMAX company from getting spectrum in the auction:

Remember the Syrian facility that Israel bombed last summer? It turns out that Israel had a video from inside the facility showing that it was basically a copy of North Korea’s nuclear reactor with North Koreans inside the facility aiding the Syrians.
Washington Post article

Two months ago Department of Homeland Security head Michael Chertoff approved the “virtual fence” that Boeing delivered. However, the GAO objected and said that the prototype was inadequate. Now, the government is scrapping the $20 mil virtual fence:

The US is selling Lockheed’s counter-IED jammer to the Iraq government:

EPA scientists complain about political interference getting in the way of their work:
MSN article

PETA offers a $1 mil prize to the first person to find a way to make commercially viable fake meat. I do not see how a new food product could finish the research stage and complete the approval process during their time limit:,8599,1734630,00.html?xid=feed-cnn-topics

Rumor is that Dell will be selling XP on professional systems until 2012:
Engadget article


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