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April 25, 2008

LOTD for April 25

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Interesting that the earthquake in Illinois was from a new fault line–apparently there is a new fault line that is active in the midwest!

Interesting analysis of how coal is more dangerous than nuclear power:

Interesting that buried (on page 387 of the document) in the Bush Administration’s fuel economy plan is an attempt to circumvent the Clean Air Act and prevent states (12 governors are protesting) from adopting more aggressive fuel economy or clean air standards:

The drinking water in Chicago was found to have the bug repellent DEET in it:

BP is investing $1 bil in 2 ethanol refineries in Brazil:

Technological breakthrough in the UK can lead to significant greenhouse gas reduction there by converting waste CO2 into cyclic carbonates:

Cell phones apparently can cause allergic reactions from people due to the metals and materials used in manufacturing them:

Nice background info on Harris’ multiband multi-agency radio for public safety needs:

Blackwater is opening a training facility is San Diego. This one is much smaller one than the facility they planned to open, but opposition to that site led to this smaller location being selected:

The American intelligence community video evidence of the North Korea-aided Syrian nuclear facility is now online:

Dish and Alcatel-Lucent are trialing DVB-SH (TV from satellite to cell phone):
Press release

The average Wii is only on a store shelf for an hour in the US! Amazingly, in Europe and Japan you can go into stores and just buy a Wii, but in the US there is a shortage…despite 40% of the 1.8 mil Wiis shipped each month going to the US. Each region’s market is quite different–for example, the Xbox 360 sells well in the US and Europe but has horrible sales in Japan:

Nintendo is boosting production from 1.8 mil Wiis per month to 2.4 mil Wiis per month:

Interesting article analyzing the doubts about Nintendo’s future:
Business Week article

It is sad that 2 kids (9 and 10 year old soccer teammates and best friends until this) are fighting over a David Beckham jersey and that the case is in court now:
Honolulu Advertiser article

This man was so upset with road rage that he shot *himself*! He then tried to escape police but crashed his car. He then tried to run away from police on foot, but they caught him. This sure was a bad case of road rage!:


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