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April 28, 2008

LOTD for April 28

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Nevada has a series of earthquakes since February 28, with scientists warning residents near Reno to prepare for worse because the earthquakes started out small and are getting stronger. Reno had a 4.7 quake on Friday and have had over 150 aftershocks since then! Some residents have left Reno for now to get away from the earthquakes:

Two analysts are predicting that gas will hit $10 per gallon:

Interesting to read about the growing number of green neoconservatives:

Interesting that conservative Republicans seem to be even more critical than the Democrats regarding the Bush Administration and North Korea. They suggest that the revelation of North Korea’s link with the alleged Syrian nuclear facility was an attempt to gain leverage with North Korea in their ongoing negotiations:,1,5830769.story

The story of how someone apparently stole iRobot’s plans for a battle bot for the Army and did so in such a blatant manner is amazing to me. This story is long but worth a read. I hadn’t read before how a large defense company had made a secret deal with the company that stole iRobot’s designs:

The use of IEDs against US and Iraqi forces has spiked up again:

It is really cool has technology allows for new parents to see their newborns despite being stationed in Iraq:

The FCC raised the frequency spectrum cap from 70 MHz to 95 MHz per company after adding 700 MHz spectrum to the totals, then decided to suspend the spectrum limit before the 700 MHz auction. Consequently, Verizon and AT&T won the vast majority of the spectrum in the 700 MHz auction and now exceed the 95 MHz limit in 38 of the top 100 US markets. Remember before this the limit was 70 MHz per company and now AT&T has 124 MHz in the Dallas-Fort Worth market!

It is sad that New Orleans is losing their city-wide WiFI:

Rumor is that June 9 will be the day that Apple unveils their 3G iPhone:
Information Week article

Rumor is that Apple is making a lot of cosmetic changes to the new iPhone and adding GPS:

Rumor is that Apple is adding tactile feedback to the 3G iPhone:

Mexican press aide was fired after he was caught taking up to 7 Blackberries that belonged to US government officials:
Infoworld article

Photos taken by Miley Cyrus that are (in my opinion) relatively tame may threaten a Disney franchise:

Interesting to read about the new products coming out this year–Bud Light Lime, chicken biscuits from McDonalds, and how companies are spending less to advertise their products on network TV:
Media Week article


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