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April 29, 2008

LOTD for April 29

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Iran released photos of their advanced nuclear facility, providing significant information about their nuclear program:

It looks like Israel is coming close to having a true robotic soldier…I can’t help but think of the Robocop movie:
Article link

BAE had an impressive demo with 2 UAVs and 2 unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) operating simultaneously while communicating with their controllers and each other:

The final satellite for Europe’s GPS-competitor system was launched on Sunday:
Article link

Looks like CBS or NBC will pay nearly $4 bil for the Weather Channel:

Chinese officials are worried that hackers will strike during the Olympics. I didn’t realize that malware was such a problem in China and that 58% of the bot-controlled computers in the world are in China:
Infoworld article

Cray is switching from AMD chips to Intel chips–big win for Intel after Cray used AMD for 6 years:

Rocket from India put a record 10 satellites into orbit during a single mission. India will be a major factor in the space industry:

BP and Shell made a combined $17 bil in profit in the first quarter of this year, but like all of the other oil companies they say that they are not to blame for high gas prices:

Sprint users can now user Paypal’s mobile payment service:

Australia now has more cell phones than people:
SMH article

Graduates from the India Institute of Technology (IITians) are increasingly deciding to stay in India to work instead of to come to the US. The overwhelming majority feel that India will be the country with the best prospects for success, with the US and Europe much less promising in 10 years:

Looks like 3 women have been identified to have been with Roger Clemens…this is getting messy:
NY Post article


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