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April 30, 2008

LOTD for April 30

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Baskin-Robbins is selling 31 cent ice cream cones tonight as part of a fundraiser for firefighters:

Start-up company says that it will be able to solar power in about a year at prices that rival coal-fired electricity. Interesting idea to magnify sunlight up to 2,000 times before it hits the solar panels:

Bio Solar makes materials based on renewable plant sources that reduce the cost of solar cells. They are getting pretty far along in their development and have shipped samples to manufacturers:

Greenhouse gas emissions were up significantly in 2007–CO2 up 19 billion tons and methane up 27 billion tons. Methane levels remained the same between 1998 and 2006, so the 27 billion ton increase last year is pretty disturbing:

Scientists in Israel said that they have developed a much cheaper solar cell that is as good or better than current photovoltaic cells. They say that the current cost of about $200 per square meter for a solar cell could be reduced to $1 per square meter!
EE Times article

Summit was held in DC yesterday to discuss how the decline in math and science education imperils the US and to see what can be done to improve the situation:

Scientists are trying to figure out why a Reno neighborhood keeps getting hit by more and more (and stronger and stronger) earthquakes. They now get 20+ aftershocks that are over 2.0, and recently the aftershocks started regularly going over 3.0:

NASA responded to the German 13-year-old who said that they were a factor of 100 off on the probability that the asteroid Apophis would hit the Earth:
Article link

The HomeGrid Forum is creating a standard for networking digital content over home wiring:
MSN article

Looks like the Prime Minister of Iraq started a confrontation in Sadr City without consulting with the US that has now forced the US military to get fully involved to try to settle things down:
Washington Post article

The Army Research Lab is giving BAE $38 mil to lead the development of a swarm of tiny robots:

Private Equity Firm (Cerberus, who controls Chrysler) was in negotiations to buy Blackwater:

This guy developed a wrist-mounted flame thrower like those shown in comic books and his videos show how he made it:

Researchers developed a technique that uses antibodies instead of DNA, which may be faster and cheaper for law enforcement and the military:

School crossing guards in the UK are now equipped with video cameras to deter cars from endangering school kids, or prosecute the ones that drive recklessly around the kids:
Daily Mail article

Google has a new technology that it says will make searches for images simpler and more effective:

Looks like AT&T will provide $200 subsidies to people who buy the 3G iPhone. Anyone buying them from the Apple Stores will be paying full price, which would seem to make going through AT&T a much better deal!

This blogger was able to display the pdf file of his boarding pass on his iPhone and it scanned properly so that he could board his plane. It worked with American Airlines but not Southwest:

Interesting that Blu-ray won the next-gen DVD war over HD-DVD but Blu-ray movie sales are not picking up. 85% of Blu-ray players are in the PS3 and the PC and standalone Blu-ray players aren’t projected to catch up with the PS3 until 2013:
Telecom TV article

iTunes is increasing its dominance over the global music market:
Telecom TV article

It looks like there is a big problem with Grand Theft Auto IV crashing both PS3 and Xbox 360 systems:
Gamespot article

High School Lacrosse team was suspended after spelling out a prom invitation on their butts and mooning the crowd at a JV soccer match:

Things seem to be getting even worse for Roger Clemens as more details of his affairs come out:
NY Daily News article


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