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May 1, 2008

LOTD for May 1

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Researchers proved the existence of a fourth fundamental circuit element, the memristor. Its properties cannot be duplicated with any combinations of resistors, capacitors, and inductors. It also has the unique property of retaining a history of the information that it acquired:

The FDA says that the heparin contamination that led to 81 deaths was done deliberately–the Chinese manufacturer replaced heparin ($900 per pound) with a sulfate ($9 per pound) and Chinese authorities refused to allow the FDA to inspect the Chinese manufacturing plant:
NY Times article

Responding to pressure from Congress, the FDA is going to hire 1300 people:
MSN article

A deadly virus (with no cure) is spreading through China that has already killed 20 kids and made over 1200 others get sick:
Article link

GAO report states that White House demands have undermined the EPA’s ability to make timely, science-based conclusions on cancer risks and other health impacts of many chemicals:

Lake Baikal (which contains 20% of the freshwater in the world!) had been thought to be immune to global warming due to its volume and unique water circulation…unfortunately, it was found that global warming is now strongly affecting it:

The US released its annual terrorism report. From the summary I read, there are no big surprises:

The Pentagon is making a big effort to discover whether or not chip makers have built electronic trapdoors in key military hardware:

Panama has no armed forces, but the Pentagon is trying to give them money to train their “troops”. Congress (both Democrats and Republicans actually agree on this!) is questioning why our Defense Department wants to give money to train troops that do not exist:

The DoD’s Inspector General says that the new Stealth Fighter’s security may have been compromised:

Microsoft’s directors met yesterday to discuss raising their bid for Yahoo or withdrawing its bid:

It is pretty sad how the recruiting pressure was so great on this high school girl (who happens to be probably the best girl basketball player in the country) that she quit playing:

I can’t believe this man went to a bank and tried to cash a check for $360 BILLION! He claimed that his girlfriend’s mother wrote the check to him. He had a weapon and pot with him at the bank:
Dallas Morning News article

Rumor that the Garmin Nuviphone is coming to AT&T at a $500 target price:
Engadget article

Info on the eBay/Craigslist dispute:


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