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May 2, 2008

LOTD for May 2

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Photos have been discovered of Hiroshima after the nuclear bomb. Do not click on this before you plan to eat:

Malicious hardware may be an even bigger threat than malicious software because it is harder to detect. China is apparently already using malicious hardware in its massive military and industrial espionage campaign against Western countries and companies:

The State Department has paid Blackwater $470 mil per year for security services since the start of the Iraq War, but now they are worried that whoever wins the election will not be friendly towards them. That seems to be the impetus behind their desire to sell part of their company or take in outside investment:

The Air Force is studying the effect of a high-power laser hitting human flesh. Gruesome to read about eyeballs exploding…no matter how scientifically it is described:

BAE defended its security protocols against the accusation yesterday by government investigators that the stealth fighter’s secrets may have been compromised:

Interesting story about a “kill switch” urban legend spread about how the US took out Iraq’s Air Defense (with a chip in a printer!) during the first Iraq War. Infoworld wrote the original story as an April Fools’ prank and US News and DoD senior intelligence officers apparently fell for it:

Testimony by an organization critical of the virtual border fence says that it is being rushed and will cost too much money:

Federal Appeals Court tells the FCC to justify their broadband-over-power-line rules:

Tricorder (from Star Trek) look-alike send medical images anywhere and anytime:
Article link

Microsoft is reportedly leaning towards trying a hostile takeover of Yahoo:

Vodaphone now has unlimited data service bundled into ALL of its monthly cellular plans, the first to do that in the UK:,1000000085,39409698,00.htm

Movies can now be bought on iTunes starting on the same day as their DVD release:

Mariah Carey married someone 11 years younger than her after they dated for just one month:


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