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May 5, 2008

LOTD for May 5

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I know that a number of people who read this have the iPhone, so they will be happy to know that AT&T is now providing free WiFi access to iPhone users at AT&T hotspots:

Experts and lawmakers are concerned about how repair and maintenance of airplanes are being done overseas with lax oversight. I know that I’m concerned that a member of al Qaida was working at an airline repair station in Singapore where one US airline sends its airplanes to be repaired. Foreign repair stations are NOT checked by the FAA:
Article link

T-Mobile’s parent company to buy Sprint Nextel and combine the #3 and #4 cellular providers in the US? That would triple T-Mobile’s customer base and the combination would be #1 in the US. Spring is CDMA and T-Mobile is GSM, so that would be a problem until they go to a 4G standard like LTE:

Microsoft raised its offer for Yahoo by $5 bil, then bailed when Yahoo asked for $4 more per share (each $1 per share is about $1.4 bil):

Motorola says that WiFi is now at the point that Enterprise Networks should be using 11n instead of wired networks:
Information Week article

German company patents a chip for sending *scents* via text and multimedia messages:
Information Week article

Burger King, Virgin Mobile, and Warner Music team up for a ringtone value menu. Burger King selling ringtones for cell phones?
Press release

Berkeley researchers have made glow-in-the-dark fish whose internal light comes from the sugar coating on their cells. Their non-toxic method fluorescently tags the carbohydrates in the zebra fish:

The Army is looking for lighter, high-speed, 4-wheel armed vehicles to move quickly around battlezones. Apparently their current vehicles are so heavy now due to the armor used to protect against bombs that the vehicles are too heavy for many of their missions and strain the helicopters used to transport them:

Controversy over our Voice of America (VOA) service that broadcasts to Iran (in Farsi). Some in Congress are upset that our government is paying for the VOA radio broadcasts that at times criticize or undermine US government policy. It is also interesting that we sponsor VOA because some governments do not have a free press, but VOA management tries to prevent any of their employees from criticizing VOA management.

Amazing that they are looking to build a $1 bil hotel in the Green Zone in Iraq:

The US Department of State found that they have a LOT of missing laptops. Up to 400 laptops are missing from their Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program:

Jamba Juice is partnering with Dole to try keep its top position for smoothies–McDonald’s and Starbucks have announced that they are going to offer smoothies, which has to worry Jamba!

Teenager (sophomore in high school) in Long Beach hid her pregnancy from her parents, gave birth while taking a shower, then walked to the hospital with the umbilical cord still attached to herself and her baby!


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