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May 6, 2008

LOTD for May 6

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Walter Reed Hospital is using yoga to help soldiers overcome PTSD:

Now that Iron Man is a hit movie, it looks to be the new face of military contractors:

Raytheon is touting its exoskeleton program as a real-life Iron Man program:

Interesting to read about Rep. Murtha’s plan to change the Future Combat Systems program and the DoD’s development plans:

The US wants to send more (reportedly 7000) troops to Afghanistan, but no more soldiers can be sent to Afghanistan unless they are taken from Iraq:

Researchers are looking at sled dogs to figure out how to prevent the effects of fatigue on soldiers in combat:

Yesterday’s rumor was that T-Mobile’s parent company was considering buying Sprint Nextel. Today’s rumor (from the Wall Street Journal) says that Sprint is considering a plan to spin-off or sell its Nextel unit. Sprint bought Nextel for $35 bil in 2005, but Nextel’s current valuations have it worth between $5 bil and $16 bil:

Qwest switched from Sprint to Verizon, which means that Qwest’s 860,000 customers will be lost from Sprint (1.5% of Sprint’s customers):
Press release

It is amazing how much slower and more expensive broadband is in the US compared with Japan and Europe:
Infoworld article

The Houston Zoo had to call in the FBI after getting thousands of prank phone calls each day due to some text messaging prankster. Someone might have hacked into address books of cell phone users:

TSMC is entering the MEMS business in a big way:

Examples of products that utilize MEMS advances include the iPhone, Wii, and HP injet printers:

Hacking ring has been able to install the Edunet backdoor in University and Military systems:
Infoworld article

Microsoft helps law enforcement officials get around encryption:
Infoworld article

Microsoft is releasing XP Service Pack 3 via Windows Update and has resumed distributing Vista Service Pack 1:
Engadget article

Man who operated web sites that let people download unauthorized copies of movies, music, and software got a 30-month prison sentence:
Infoworld article


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