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May 7, 2008

LOTD for May 7

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Sprint and Clearwire have merged their WiMAX networks in a $3.2 bil deal! The new company will be called Clearwire (Sprint’s Xohm name is now discarded), with investments from Intel, Google, Comcast, Time Warner, Bright House, and Trilogy Equity Partners. Sprint is giving its 2.5 GHz spectrum to the new Clearwire in exchange for equity. Intel will be working on embedded WiMAX chips for laptops and devices. Google will partner with Clearwire on an open Internet business model and Clearwire will support Google’s Android OS. Google will also be the default provider of Web and local search on Sprint’s network and Sprint will preload Google services such and Google Maps for mobile, Gmail and YouTube:
Press Release

Press release about Sprint’s increased relationship with Google:
Press Release

Looks like the 3G iPhone is coming soon, as AT&T is telling its workers that they cannot take vacations between 6/15 and 7/12 due to *something* that will result in a spike in customers going to AT&T stores:
Article link

Ofcom says that there will be no new or completely different wireless technology for the next 10 years:

The EPA has decided that there is a “distinct possibility” that they will NOT take action to remove the toxic rocket fuel ingredient (perchlorate) that has been found in the drinking water of 35 states! The perchlorate has entered the drinking water due to DoD activities, and the Pentagon would be hit with a huge bill if they had to help pay to clean up the drinking water. However, the EPA may now leave it to the states to pay to clean their own water:
Seattle Times article

As a parent I cannot imagine how I’d react if I listened to a voicemail of my child in a firefight in Afghanistan, only for the phone call to be abruptly ended with a shout of “incoming”! I’m glad that these parents eventually found out that their son was okay:

Our marines in Afghanistan are forced to ignore the poppy fields in Afghanistan, even though that is a $100 mil per year business for the Taliban:

Looks like the DoD’s research to social science Professors was quite attractive…until they revealed today just how little funding they were going to be putting into it:

Looks like the Air Force’s TV ad mangles the truth horribly:

Scientists debate whether or not global warming is creating more powerful storms or if the rise in powerful storms is just coincidentally mirroring the rise in global warming:

Mobile phone providers are working hard to improve their energy efficiency:
Infoworld article

New sensors use smell to detect IEDs, harmful bacteria in spinach or ground beef, or identify the most promising medicines before any human or animal trials are conducted:

Speeding drivers in China are using a device that changes their license plate numbers within seconds, making the traffic cameras ineffective:
Reuters article

Huge drug probe at San Diego State led to 96 arrests yesterday, 75 of them SDSU students:

AP has created a Mobile News Network, which is optimized for use on the iPhone:
Telecom TV article

Ryan Seacrest to replace Larry King on CNN by the end of this year?
TV Guide Blog

Extremely critical article about Yahoo–discussing how Yahoo overpaid for so many companies (Cuban’s and Geocities are examples) and now is overvaluing itself:

Microsoft is offering TV Downloads with its Zune device. I think that iTunes will beat back the Zune service quite easily, but Microsoft has a lot of money so anything is possible:

Amazing that Grand Theft Auto 4 had $500 mil in sales in its first week!


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