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May 8, 2008

LOTD for May 8

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Doctors had to make a list of who would receive treatment and who would be allowed to die in the event of a pandemic or some other disaster:

Our hospitals apparently cannot handle the patient load caused by even a modest terrorist attack! The Bush cuts in Medicaid reimbursements (who force patients without money to use emergency services) are blamed for our country’s lack of preparedness:

A Civil War is going on in Lebanon that flared up due to cell phone service:,8599,1738255,00.html

I remember when the F-4 was the arguably the best fighter jet around. Now it is obsolete and they will be using it as a target practice dummies:

About 1/3 of the latest war funding bill ($51.8 bil out of $165.4 bil) is devoted to “new weapons systems”:

Blind 78-year-old World War II vet bowled a 300 game!

This blind 49-year-old Montana man bowled a 300 game last year:

This legally blind woman almost bowled a perfect game (she had a split in the 10th frame and ended with a 287) and bowled a 244 when she was 94 years old!


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