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May 9, 2008

LOTD for May 9

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The FAA manager who was supposed to be overseeing Southwest got free pilot training from Southwest (worth over $15k), accepting that violated FAA rules of conduct. Not surprisingly, Southwest was allowed to avoid fines for a lot of safety violations until this cozy relationship was exposed:

Southwest was found to have been allowed to fly planes that were deemed unsafe…so their relationship with FAA managers sure paid off for awhile:

Interesting editorial makes the case for leaving the Green Zone in Iraq:

Pretty cool that they found out that putting a cloak of lights on a UAV will help make it invisible:

US cops and CSI skills will be used to battle IED bombers in Iraq:

Industry experts gave their takes on the Sprint/Clearwire WiMAX deal:
Fierce Wireless

The big WiMAX earlier in the week led to this article–I think this is probably the most positive article about WiMAX that I’ve read in years:

The Chief Executive of T-Mobile’s parent company just added more fuel to the rumors that they will buy Sprint:

Half of all state-agency R&D in the US is done in 6 states (CA/PA/NY/MI/FL/OH)

Very interesting study (thank you Jeremy!) about how marriage increases happiness and how each child people have decreases their happiness. Parent’s happiness hits a low point when their kids are 12-16 years old:,21985,23665247-5005961,00.html

AT&T and 10-15 other telecom carriers may be launching a Skype rival soon:
Telecom TV article

Report projects that global text messaging revenue will reach $165 bil by 2011:
Telecom TV article

Cablevision will spend $350 mil to build a wireless broadband network that it plans to make available for free to existing customers:
NY Times article

Hollywood Reporter article

Amazing how many websites are geared towards addicting kids to spend time in their virtual world…and to get their parents to pay a monthly subscription and spend money on items to enhance their virtual world:
NY Times article


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