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May 10, 2008

LOTD for May 10

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This billionaire says that gas will hit $10 per gallon and green technology will end up saving the US economy:

Interesting to read about how chicken nuggets (like those from McDonald’s) are made up of corn and meat slurry:

This guy bought the domain “” 14 years ago to try to get consulting businesses with a pizza company. He was unable to do so but he held on to the domain name and decided recently to auction the domain. The domain name auction went for $2.6 million!,0,5960381.story

Zoos have encouraged animals to paint as a way to keep them mentally enriched. They used to just throw away the paintings, but now they have found that selling the paintings is a good way for them to make money:

11-year-old boy stopped a runaway bus:

This Colorado principal really doesn’t like kids smelling their markers–he suspended an 8-year-old for smelling a Sharpie marker and he removed all permanent markers from his school:

UK scientists created part-human, part-cow embryos in order to get the stem cells from the combination. I normally am on the side of scientific research…but this work kind of grosses me out:

Unlucky Indian man lost his life savings when termites ate the contents of his safe deposit box:

This Bosnian man’s home has been hit by meteors FIVE times since November and feels he is targeted by aliens:

Residents in Obama, Japan are cheering for Barrack Obama to win the Presidency and hopes that their name boost tourism:

Amazing study found that inhaling from just ONE cigarette can cause kids to become addicted to nicotine:

Scientists found a specific genetic variation that leads to smoking addiction and the likelihood of getting lung cancer from smoking:

A pastor in Florida issued a challenge to his congregants: married people needed to have sex with their spouses for 30 days in a row and single people needed to abstain from sex for those 30 days:

Study found that the optimal length of time for intercourse is 3 to 13 minutes…past 13 minutes the satisfaction level actually started to decrease and get irritating to women (info in the full study, not from this article). The median length of time for intercourse was found to be 7.3 minutes:


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