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May 12, 2008

LOTD for May 12

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Right now the US Department of Agriculture tests less than 1% of cows for mad cow disease. Overseas customers in places like Japan worry about the safety of the beef we export, so Creekstone wants to do more comprehensive testing on cows to satify the demands of their overseas customers. the Bush Administration has *sued* Creekstone to try to get them to stop testing more cows for mad cow disease…Creekstone has already won in court but the Bush Administration is appealing the decision so the testing for mad cow disease is still restricted. I think it would be worth the few pennies per pound for the mad cow testing, especially since this is optional and other companies could skip the testing to save those pennies:

Wind power is growing quickly in the US–$3 bil of new wind power generation capacity was added in the first quarter of this year:

Worldwide food shortages and scientific doubts (ethanol could increase global warming?) have reduced the buzz on ethanol. Ethanol’s tax break has been increased and senators are asking for ethanol’s mandated levels to be decreased:

The ethanol industry cannot be happy about this NY Times editorial:

AUV Fest 2008 will demonstrate the latest technology for autonomous underwater vehicles:

The MRAPs are already incredibly heavy and massively armored…but the IED bombs are getting stronger and stronger so they are getting up to 5000 more pounds of armor put on them:

Bird-related damage costs the aviation industry $600 mil per year and is a huge problem for the Air Force:

China has created a company to make jumbo jets:

Another Google exec just left for Facebook:

AT&T took away the free WiFi offer for iPhone users. It seems that the offer lasted less than 24 hours!

Intel Capital got 50 MHz of spectrum in Sweeden for $26.5 mil, which they will rent out to partners to build a WiMAX network. They got a really good deal as TeliaSonera paid $93 mil for their spectrum and H3G paid $49 mil for just 20 MHz.
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Currently less than 3% of North American Universities have 11n coverage, but 99% of them are predicted to have 11n coverage by 2013:

Sprint lost 1.09 million postpaid subscribers in Q1, and it lost $505 million in Q1 (compared to how it lost $211 million in last year’s Q1):

Sprint’s largest affiliate (iPCS) is suing Sprint over the Sprint/Clearwire deal. iPCS has beaten Sprint in court several times already over their exclusivity provision in their contract:

Earthlink told Philly that it would pull the plug on its WiFi network if the city doesn’t find someone to run it or buy it by the end of the week. Given the public positions taken by both sides, I cannot see this avoiding some courtroom:

Justin Timberlake is producing a reality show for MTV called “The Phone” where two hidden cell phones will ring in a big city and the people who answer it have 5 seconds to decide if they want to play for a cash prize.

David Archuleta’s Dad is banned from his son’s rehearsals…apparently he was a problem behind the scenes. Given that, I wonder if the Idol producers want him to win:


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