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May 13, 2008

LOTD for May 13

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Verizon appears about to introduce cell phones based on the LiMO Foundation’s mobile Linux OS. This would help Verizon prepare for its “Open” network at 700 MHz:

Google announced 50 applications that it plans to support with its Android open-source platform:

Great indication that the 3G iPhone is coming: the Apple Store has run out of iPhones:

Looks like Philly’s WiFi network is officially being shut down:

Some phishers have found a way to get people’s IRS rebate checks. I know that I got (and immediately deleted) several of those e-mails:
Infoworld article

The Air Force wants a suite of hacker tools to be able to get access to and full control of any computer:

This blogger went through the documents that the DoD released to the public and found some pretty interesting tidbits of how the White House fed retired officers info before they went on TV to be experts:

The FBI’s presentation shows how concerned they are about the fake Cisco routers that came from China and the security holes in the DoD’s and other government agencies (including the FBI) that may create:
Infoworld article

Japan is considering a fee to iPods and other music and video devices to compensate rights holders for lost revenues due to piracy:
Infoworld article

Even Belgium seems to have been targeted by China for cyberattacks:
Infoworld article

Niagra bottling has deployed WiFi arrays across its 6 bottling plants, providing coverage throughout their warehouses:


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