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May 14, 2008

LOTD for May 14

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It is pretty cool that Intel is spending $100 mil per year to promote education and technological literacy around the world. 1500 high school students from 51 countries are competing this week in Intel’s International Science and Engineering Fair:

Interesting article about the “Wireless Body Area Network” (WBAN), where sensors and antennas are placed all over a patients body and transmit the pertinent data to doctor’s offices. So, the doctor can remotely monitor the patient and tell the patient to see him/her only when needed:
Article link

This writer for Wired magazine is trying to piece together how the Coast Guard somehow got a half-billion-dollar ship that was faulty and incomplete to somehow pass a supposedly rigorous Navy inspection. He has uncovered some pretty shady things that the Coast Guard did (which will end up costing the taxpayers a LOT of extra money) but he’s continuing to dig:

Democratic senators are threatening to block the arms deal with Saudi Arabia (remember, the Bush Administration announced a $20 bil arms deal to Saudi Arabia and other gulf states) unless Saudi Arabia helps to lower gas prices:

Defense Secretary Gates gave a speech where he criticized the Pentagon for preparing for future attacks and not just focusing on what we need in today’s conflicts. He states that our needs for future conflicts will be quite similar to our needs now:

Raytheon is a significant subcontractor for Lockheed’s $766 mil JTRS AMF contract:

The University of Michigan got a $10 mil grant (with a $12.5 mil option) to build a 6-inch robotic spy plane with a bat-like body:

India successfully tested a nuclear-capable missile that can reach China:

DoD terminology is so confusing that there is a debate over whether to use the term “weapon system” or “weapon systems” or “weapons systems”:

A Christian group has been advertising on military websites to try to convince vets to use their GI Bill benefits to pay for missionary school (the program is approved for the GI Bill):

The UK released all of its secret UFO files. The files can be downloaded for free for one month:

This is a report of a UFO signing in Iran from 1976, with 4 residents of Iran as witnesses on the ground and two F-4s being dispatched to the area with the pilots reporting some pretty odd things. Interesting how the weapons panel on the F-4 was disabled when the pilot attempted to shoot at the UFO:

A hacker posted personal details of 6 milllion people in Chile (more than a third of their population!) including their President’s daughter:

Interesting to read about the annual cyber war games where the NSA attacks networks set up by 7 military academies, who work to fight off the attacks:

Article about the concern over the possibility of the spread of nuclear capabilities, with other country’s trying to get nuclear capabilities partially as a response to Iran trying so hard to make nuclear bombs:

Microsoft wants to get Windows Mobile to capture 40% of the smartphone market by 2012. That would mean they would really have to grab significant market share from RIM and their other competitors while fending off Google’s Android and the LiMO Foundation’s Linux-based operating systems:
Infoworld article

Nearly 30% of US households do not have landline phones or rarely use them. Four years ago only 5% of homes had cell phone-only service, now that is up to 16% of US households:

Now that Icahn got 2 of his nominees on Motorola’s board and they are splitting that company like he wanted, it looks like he has a new target: Yahoo! He bought 50 million shares of Yahoo stock and he might try to replace Yahoo’s Board of Directors to entice Microsoft to buy Yahoo:


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