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May 15, 2008

LOTD for May 15

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Abilene Christian University is the first school in the US to give *all* of its incoming freshmen an iPhone. The school has developed 15 applications for the iPhone including course registration and 3D campus maps:

This 10-year-old is completing his second year at East LA College and is looking to transfer to a prestigious 4-year school. His parents tried to put him in a private elementary school when he was 6, but the elementary school wouldn’t take him since he knew more than their teacher:

Global warming has now resulted in the polar bear being put on the threatened species list:

The oil companies expect to have a fight on their hands due to the polar bear status change:

Dell and HP are cutting the power consumed by their laptops and desktops:,2845,2305109,00.asp

NASA’s study found that humans are responsible for global warming:
Article link

Report states that the aging population of the world will be a big problem for drugmakers as a cash crisis curtails their R&D for new drugs.

San Diego is the 4th more “digitally savvy” city, ahead of DC, Seattle, and San Francisco. Austin is #1 (no surprise there) followed by Vegas and Sacramento (that surprised me):

Hundreds of dams in China were damaged by their big recent earthquake. Interesting how in 2001 a campaign was launched to protest the building of dams so close to a fault line, but the Chinese government ignored them:

Report on how the Internet has fueled the growth of violent Islamic groups in the US:

A flashlight-based weapon may eventually replace rubber bullets as a nonlethal weapon. The flickering lights disorient the target and make the target feel like he/she has severe motion sickness:

San Francisco is trying to push electric cars into the mainstream, providing the infrastructure to support them all around the city:

NATO is going to help Estonia with its cyber defense. Estonia’s infrastructure was brought down by Russian nationalists (possibly aided by the Russian government) via denial of service attacks:

Looks like the cost for shooting down the satellite was more than the estimated $70 mil…the actual cost was $112 mil:

Looks like McCain has adopted much of Obama’s position on Iraq now:

Embarq is dumping Sprint and will look for another carrier to partner with, movings its 112,000 subscribers off Sprint’s cellular network. When Qwest dumped Sprint they went to Verizon and I’d guess Embarq will try to do the same thing:

Clearwire says that it only needs another $2 to $2.3 bil to build out its WiMAX network after getting the $3.2 bil recently from their investors (Intel/Google/cable companies) as their total cost will be much less than the $12 bil figure others had claimed:

Japanese broadband satellite achieved a 2-way, 1.2 Gbps Internet link, setting a satellite record and surpassing most terrestrial broadband speeds:

CBS is buying CNET (which includes Gamespot,, and ZDNet) for $1.8 bil. CBS paid a 45% premium over the current stock price…no wonder the deal was approved without dissent:

Ericsson and Dell will work together for HSPA-enabled laptops:


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