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May 19, 2008

LOTD for May 19

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My conference ended 40 minutes earlier than planned today (travel problems for 2 speakers), so I used the time to catch up with things. I put this LOTD together in 20 minutes…lots of stuff today!

SRC got an SDR contract with the Navy for $28.4 mil over one year and up to $164.9 mil if the options are exercised:

Lieutenant General William Caldwell, IV, Commanding General of the US Army Combined Arms Center, has *instructed* his faculty and staff to create their own blogs. Some branches of the military are banning blogging…but this is an example of an officer who is really supporting blogging:

Boeing is making a gunship that is armed with lasers instead of bullets! The laser could take out a cellular tower or vehicle from 15 miles away silently and with *no* collateral (read: innocent bystanders) damage:

Romania may buy $4.5 bil in F-16s…great for Lockheed and the Texas economy, but a move that may not make much sense for Romania’s needs:

The Defense Language Institute has created a site that enables every soldier to get a working knowledge of Arabic or Pashto and a background in the culture of Iraq and Afghanistan:

Vodafone, Verizon, or AT&T may bid $2 bil to buy a 50% stake in Huawei’s handset division:

Microsoft has finally released XP Service Pack 3…but if you have an HP laptop with AMD inside, do NOT install it because the Service Pack “upgrade” will cause your machine to continuously reboot! Who would have ever expected there to be problems with a Windows OS?

Lots of interesting things going on right now with Microsoft and Yahoo, including a new proposal Microsoft made to Yahoo for a different deal where Microsoft doesn’t buy all of Yahoo:

Microsoft is entering the consumer market again, this time trying to sell its Surface product–where a desk or countertop becomes a touch-screen computer:

Mountain-view based MetroFi is really struggling and may shut down its muni-WiFi business within 30 days…that includes the shutdown of San Jose’s muni-WiFi network unless the city buys the network:

Hulu and Joost are both growing in users and offerings in their attempt to compete with YouTube:

The WWE (pro wrestling) now has a website for kids in addition to a magazine targeted for kids:

Cable internet providers Comcast and Cox throttle down the data rate for BitTorrent users:

Analysts gave their opinion on the CBS acquisition of CNET:

It is pretty sad that female athletes in general are being celebrated more for their attractiveness instead of their athletic achievement.,0,1683234.column

Article about kids and the Wii. Lori was unhappy that they never mentioned Big Brain Academy, which is a great educational game for kids. Our kids do not get to play Wii Sports or the other games they mentioned in the article, but they do get 10-15 minutes in Big Brain Academy 3 times per week. It is a great game to chart their progress and see how they are learning to do the various tasks:


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