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May 21, 2008

LOTD for May 20

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IBM has shifted cell processors to 65nm and has improved the double precision accuracy by up to 5x:

The National Security Agency was knocked off the Internet for at least 4 hours due to a server problem. The article mentions that the NSA has some security flaws in its server setup:
Infoworld link

Verizon won a $678 mil DHS contract to manage network and security services:
Infoworld link

AT&T won a $292 mil DHS contract to serve as the secondary network service provider:

Target bought Segways for security patrols:

Registration for hybrid cars were up 38% last year, with the Prius owning over half of the hybrid market:

Nissan and NEC are investing $115 mil in a joint venture for battery technology for next-generation vehicles:

The number of green products released in the US more than doubled between 2005 and 2007:

Proctor & Gamble is trying to cut its carbon footprint by up to 40% by 2012. Amazing how much the environment could be improved by just washing all clothes in cold water. For the past couple of months our washing machine has only been able to do cold water (someone used the outlet in the laundry room and I guess they messed around there and might have messed it up, plus we had a power outage that might have messed it up the following day). I was going to fix the problem when I had some time…but if I don’t fix it I will be helping the environment!

UC-SD just invested a significant amount of money for eco-friendly data centers:
Article link

Google released Google Health Service:

Microsoft’s revised offer for Yahoo might be just or Yahoo’s search business and to take a small stake in the rest of Yahoo. That would be an interesting strategy, as they mainly wanted the search piece to try to catch up with Google and they want to keep Google from working with Yahoo for web searches::

Looks like the slowing economy has resulted in cellular handset sales decreasing. However, the decrease was mainly among the prepaid and middle class customers, with higher-end sales actually increasing:

Sprint’s customer satisfaction rating hit an all-time low:

Sprint lost a patent dispute over location-based services:
Article link

Aftershocks increase the worries over dams bursting and floods happening in China:


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