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May 21, 2008

LOTD for May 21

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Biotech company in California will have 5 auctions to allow people chances to clone their dogs, with the auctions starting at $100k.

Israeli jailers use a custom-built computer program to interpret the barks by the guard dogs. The computer program has been so successful for Israeli prisons that the company now has 100 customers in Israel, including farmers:

Looks like a new process could make titanium much cheaper soon:

Article about how selling off property rights in space would spur space development:

The UK is considering a plan to store ALL phone calls, e-mails, text messages, and Internet use for ALL of the people in their country!

Retired University of Tennessee professor was indicted on violating ITAR rules by using a Chinese grad student without informing the government:

Two BAE executives were detained at the Houston Airport because US officials allege that BAE has a big bribery slush fund:

Israel is looking to make a flying unmanned car to serve as a robotic ambulance that will pick up injured soldiers in the field:

The DoD’s work on “intelligent” robotic limbs kind of sounds like the old TV show “6 Million Dollar Man” come to life:

This company has a new product that could be a solution for pilots that need relief during long flights:

Jet-powered bicycle available for $650:

Interesting that the more UAVs we use the less useful information we might get because there is just too much data to process:

The company that makes the Opera browser has been collecting info on sites that its users visit. Very interesting to see the difference in web surfing patterns in the US, India, and Russia:

Neat new technique could allow airplanes to repair themselves, even during a flight:

Banks use spyware and other surveillance techniques to monitor their employees:

Christian Dior is releasing its $5k cell phone, just like Prada and D&G already have done. I didn’t realize that Dolce & Gabanna sold about $350 mil worth of D&G gold Razr phones last year!

This guy analyzes why Apple is changing its policy from being able to buy 3 iPhones per person at AT&T stores to being able to buy only 1 iPhone per person:
Infoworld article

AT&T has just about finished its HSUPA (3G) build-out, just in time for the 3G iPhone:
Press release

Some large investors are backing Icahn in his attempt to force Yahoo to sell itself to Microsoft:,0,1979731.story

The government might cap early termination fees:

Interesting how this entrepreneur feels that Apple has taken away the profitability of TV companies and Google has taken away the profitability of print media:

Neilsen reports that MySpace and Club Penguin have not been growing compared to last year (Club Penguin is actually down 7%), but LinkedIn grew 361% and Facebook grew 56%:

The One Laptop Per Child Project announced their 2nd-generation $75 laptop:
Infoworld article

Yao Ming does a LOT of charity work for China charities and donated $70k to an earthquake relief fund…and then was sharply criticized for not donating more. The Internet criticism got so bad that Yao apparently had to raise his donation to $280k (2 million yuan):

12-year-old boy was charged with drunken driving after crashing his stepfather’s pickup truck. He had a 10-year-old friend as a passenger and was lucky not to be hurt after jumping a guardrail and crashing down a steep hill into a forest:

Interesting article on how some pro athletes have had the “curse of the celebrity girlfriend”

Manhattan restaurant sells a burger for $175 that is topped with gold:


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