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May 25, 2008

LOTD for May 25

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Pregnancy cravings are on the rise for some reason…and I have no idea why 17% of pregnant women went to eat coal!

A study found that brain training exercises actually do boost intelligence:

The study found that the more the people trained, the better their IQ and problem-solving boost:,-study-shows.html

Gene therapy is actually giving sight back to people who are blind!

Man hits and kills a dog with his car…then sues the dog’s owners for the damage to his car. The judge threw the case out of court:

Four men apparently made up that they were chiefs of a Native American tribe in Utah and refused to recognize federal or state law. The judge ruled that their tribe was a “complete sham” and fined them $63k:

Air France pilot was “showing off” to a boy who visited the cockpit, turning the plane left and right…unfortunately he steered the plane in the path of another plane and had to execute emergency manuvers to avoid a collision, scaring everyone on the plane!

Wisconsin man didn’t want to say his real name to the cops, so he made up a name…and the name he picked was actually the name of a man who had an active warrant for his arrest for felony vehicular homicide!

This mayor in Chile wants to improve the quality of life of his elder citizens…so he’s giving them free Viagra:

This elderly penguin (25, when normal life expectancy is 15) was losing his feathers until he was fitted with a wet suit. After 6 weeks his feathers grew back and he didn’t need the wet suit anymore:

This DC couple had their wedding guests and them take the Metro train to go from their ceremony to their reception, right in the middle of rush hour for the train! The $1.65 per person was much cheaper than a limo, and they had a nice experience to talk about later:


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