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May 26, 2008

LOTD for May 26

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Apparently the discovery of the Titanic was actually just a cover story for a mission to inspect the wrecks of two cold war submarines:

Apple filed for a patent that might indicate they are interested in putting solar cells on iPods and MacBooks. That would be a really interesting addition to their product line and give them a big distinguishing feature on their products:

Auto sales soared at this Missouri car dealership after they offered a $250 credit to a gun shop or $250 gas card with each car purchase. Almost everyone chose the gun credit over the gas card, which surprises me because everyone needs gas but not everyone needs a new gun. And if they want a gun that costs less than $250, the unused credit is wasted…while the $250 gas card will definitely be fully used:
Reuters link

Higher gas prices have changed the buying habits of Americans–a decade ago 1 in 8 cars was a compact or subcompact, this year it is 1 in 5. For the first time, 4-cylinder cars passed 6-cylinder cars in sales last month:

The first spam was sent 30 years ago over Arpanet…now businesses will spend $42 BILLION this year to fight spam:

I didn’t realize that Linens ‘n’ Things went bankrupt–though we had noticed that they were sending out much better coupons lately. 120 stores closing (27 in California) is big. The $42 million in gift cards that will no longer be honored soon is really interesting…I hope that everyone uses their gift cards right away! This is one of the biggest retailers to go bankrupt and it just went private fairly recently:,jo05_linens_web.article

Some stats about the bankruptcy for Linens ‘n’ Things. I feel really badly for the 2500 people who will lose their jobs:

Singapore is banning 2 porn websites in what they call a symbolic move. I wonder how many people in Singapore never heard of those two websites but will want to figure out a way to check them out now?
Reuters link

I didn’t realize that there were so many house swapping websites already. This might be an option for Lori’s parents–they could swap their home in Kahaluu for one in San Diego:


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