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May 27, 2008

LOTD for May 27

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I had a little extra time today because I had a lot of short periods of time when I was waiting for MATLAB to finish, so today’s LOTD is longer than normal…that may happen more on days where I do a lot of MATLAB work.

The IAEA says that Iran is hiding nuclear research and suspects it may be focusing on nuclear weapons. They were more blunt and conclusive in their report than they normally are:

Pres. Carter said that Israel has 150 nuclear weapons:

iRobot and MetalStorm showed off their armed robot that can fire up to a million bullets per minute!

MetalStorm put out an announcement about the demo and didn’t mention iRobot much in it:

DARPA is looking to fund research into a silly putty-like substance that can help soldiers with compound fractures:

Our defense budget is now more than $600 bil per year, about twice what it was in 2000 (it was $300 bil in FY 2000), but the number of auditors and investigators we have has remained about the same. So, we have “gaps” in the oversight of defense programs, because each auditor is responsible for $2.03 billion when in 2000 it used to be an auditor per $642 million in Pentagon contracts. In addition to auditors being stretched thin on the contracts that they audit, $152 billion per year in defense contracts are never audited for fraud or abuse! Considering all of the crimes that have been found lately with how unscrupulous people are spending our defense funding, I would think that we would want to hire more auditors!

McCain said that we should reduce the number of nuclear weapons the US has and to eliminate the bunker busting program:

Congress actually already killed the bunker busting program. So, that pledge by McCain isn’t going to make a huge difference:

There are a lot of complaints that the bullets our Army is using are not suited for the Army’s current role. Apparently those bullets were chosen decades with Soviet helmets in mind and are not well suited for close combat and the types of scenarios that our Army has faced in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, etc.

Russia denied that it shot down a Georgian spy drone, but the UN found conclusive evidence that Russia was responsible:

The military has become so unpopular in the UK that they actually had to pass a law banning discrimination against personnel wearing their uniforms. I find it hard to believe that shops, *hospitals*, and *public institutions* would actually prevent those wearing military uniforms from entering certain premises!

This Belgian woman calls herself a “female holy Warrior for al Qaeda” and she basically browbeats Muslim men to fight for al Qaeda. She apparently is very prominent on the web. She collects $1100 in unemployment benefits each month from Belgium:

Tightening border security is hurting trade between the US and Canada:

More on this issue, also going into how the delays due to border security are making supplies and raw materials arrive late at manufacturing plants, costing companies and consumers money:

Deutsche Telekom admitted (after a newspaper outed them) that they bugged the phones of their top executives and board members, as well as business journalists. Their latest spin is that they intercept the phone calls, but they did not listen to them. 32% of the company is owned by the German government, one of the many interesting subplots of this case:

Vodafone’s CEO Arun Sarin is stepping down after leading Vodafone for 5 years:

China announced that it is ready to issue 3G licenses–this will be a huge deal for the companies around the world that are involved:

China will merge all of its phone companies into 3 large groups in order to provide competition for China Mobile. This will happen before the 3G licenses are awarded:

The FCC may auction 25 MHz in the 2.1 GHz AWS band:

Startup company Wi-Fi Rail wants to provide WiFi access to BART passengers in San Francisco. The city would pay nothing, the company plans to get money from advertising and subscriptions by riders. Standard Cisco APs would be used:

Videoconferencing is being increasingly used for businesses to eliminate business trips:

Europe’s top internet security agency says that Facebook and Myspace should be policed:

The Presidential election will significantly affect Federal research funding. I hope that NSF has their funds doubled like both Hilary and Obama pledge…
Article link

An advance made by UC-SD researchers was featured in CSI: Miami recently:
Article link

Microsoft lost another patent case against Alcatel-Lucent. This time even one of their previous wins was taken away:

Microsoft detailed its new product to advertisers, which it hopes will win market share away from Google:

Wake Forrest is the first top-30 ranked University to make the SAT and ACT optional for applicants:

Toyota is building a second hybrid car battery plant as part of its push to ramp up their production of hybrid cars:

With polls showing that gas mileage is the #1 influencer for car purchases, automakers are offering deals on gas as a way to get people to buy their cars:

Apparently the iPod and iPhone have really hurt aftermarket car stereo sales, so Pioneer and JVC are launching new campaigns to try to attract customers:

Oprah’s TV ratings are down and she has received a lot of criticism lately. Opinions on the decline range from overexposure to her support for Obama to her support of a spirituality book that upsets some Christians:

The Japanese government just urged parents in Japan to limit their kids’ cell phone use:


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