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May 28, 2008

LOTD for May 28

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Interesting (and quite harsh) article about why nobody seems to believe what the Navy leadership says:

Former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan wrote a book that is extremely critical of the Bush Administration that he was a part of, even specifically criticizing Rove, Rice and Cheney:

The White House responded to McClellan’s criticism in this article, but the article basically makes things seem even worse than the Washington Post article:

It appears that ABC News, the Drudge Report, and the FBI were caught by a prank message that they had thought was coming from al-Qaeda:

NOAA warns insurers that they forecast 12-16 named storms during the June-November hurricane season that is about to start:

The sun has Earth-sized tornados that can be seen with our equipment now:

Brookhaven scientists found enzymes that help plants resist fungal infections, and it might have beneficial effects on humans health too:
Article link

Here are some broad details on the $601 bil Pentagon budget approved by the House:

The Blackberry is now banned for sale in India because its encryption does not allow India’s government (or even RIM itself) to read the encrypted information:

There is a security hole in the RAZR phone, so if you have a RAZR you should avoid accepting JPEG images:

Costs have *really* come down! It now costs just $318 for a WiFi (11b/g) bridge with a 5-mile range:

An unnamed company gave Voyant a $2 mil contract to build 3000 white-space radios:
Article link

Via released a low-cost laptop with WiMAX support under an open-source license:
Infoworld article

Google’s CEO said that in a few years mobile advertising (on devices like the iPhone) would generate more money than web advertising!

Centrino 2 is launching on July 14–smaller, longer battery life, faster, and WiFi/WiMAX support included:

Andrew Seybold feels that the new Clearwire (and WiMAX itself) has been overhyped and will dissappoint users when it is finally available. He also calls 16e a 3G technology, not 4G:
Article link

Michael Dell says that he could take Steve Jobs in a fight:


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