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May 30, 2008

LOTD for May 30

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Apparently the spying by Deutsche Telekom went on for far longer than they admitted earlier this week. In stead of going on from 2005 to 2006 like they admitted, it looks like they actually bugged journalists at the Financial Times back in 2000! Recruiting spies to film the editorial offices of a respected publication seems makes this story really bizarre to me:

An Iranian-born US citizen was charged with nuclear smuggling. He worked for the largest US nuclear power plant for 17 years, then loaded software from the nuclear plant, quit his job, and took the software with him to Iran:

Iran and al Qaeda are reported to be in secret talks, which is amazing because those entities have hated each other for a long time. Iran has a lot of hostages that are high-level al Qaeda people, including 2 of Osama’s sons:

Interesting article about devices that showed up in James Bond movies that only now is technology making them a reality:
Article link

This Air Force base in North Dakota came under serious scrutiny after they mistakenly loaded 6 nuclear bombs onto a B-52 that flew across the country and then sat unattended for hours on the flight line (since nobody knew they put nuclear weapons on that plane!). That base failed a nuclear surety inspection in December, making them look worse. They then had 6 months to prepare for their next inspection…and they failed miserably. Having guards in a restricted area play video games on their cell phone is bad. Having airmen completely unaware of their duties is worse. Even worse is that this base will still continue to handle our nuclear weapons despite the 3 significant failures:

DARPA’s funding for research with monkey brains and joysticks came under sharp criticism four years ago, but now it is being acknowledged for being responsible for advances in prosthetics:

Comcast is looking to hire someone to snoop around their internet customers on behalf of the Federal Government:

The Army is looking to equip an entire brigade with Land Warrior:

Europe is experimenting with a system that uses cameras on airplanes to try to detect terrorists and other dangers caused by passengers:
Article link

Comcast discussed why they decided to invest in the new Clearwire:

Analyst report says that laptops with embedded 3G capability will be a must-have thing for businesses next year:

Infineon significantly shrunk the size of their 3G platform:

RIM executives are meeting with Indian government officials to try to avoid a permanent ban on Blackberries in India:

Housing prices are falling faster than they did during the great Depression!

At least 1 billion people are expected to watch videos via the web by 2013:

Only 7 of the top 30 newspapers were down year-to-year, with some newspapers showing huge gains (Dallas Morning News was up 88% over last year!)

VGChartz gave some interesting sales figures for console game sales, so I’m going to take some notes on them. Please ignore the rest of this if you are not interested.

All numbers are in millions of games sold (note: Wii Sports comes with the Wii in the US but not in some other countries)
Top 10 selling Wii Games:
Wii Sports: 23.66
Wii Play: 12.49
Super Mario Galaxy: 6.56
Super Smash Brothers Brawl: 5.38
Mario Party 8: 5.2
Mario Kart: 5.12
Zelda: Twilight Princess: 4.81
Mario and Sonic Olympics: 4.44
Wii Fit: 4.37
Guitar Hero III; 2.7

Top 5 selling PS3 Games:
Grand Theft Auto IV: 3.61
Motorstorm: 3.29
Call of Duty 4: 3.23
Resistance: Fall of Man: 2.84
Assasins Creed: 2.66
(Rock Band sold 0.6, Guitar Hero III sold 1.28, Madden NFL 08 sold 0.86)

Top 10 selling XBox 360 Games:
Halo 3: 7.87
Call of Duty 4: 6.04
Gears of War: 5.2
Grand Theft Auto IV: 5.13
Forza Motorsport2: 3.86
Assasins Creed: 3.74
Guitar Hero III: 2.98
Eldar Scrolls IV: 2.47
Madden NFL 08: 2.44
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance: 2.43


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