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June 1, 2008

LOTD for June 1

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My kids have REALLY enjoyed the Sesame Street Bay of Play, going twice since it opened a couple of weeks ago. The San Diego Union-Tribune sent a reporter with a 2-year-old there…but I cannot believe that they couldn’t figure out how to get the Elmo fish to go up!

Shortly after we got to Disneyland today we heard about this fire. It is so sad that the damage was so extensive:

David Cook is going to set a record when he has *11* songs enter the Billboard hot 100 chart! He also has 14 songs on the download chart.

Pretty cool that this Napa Valley winery has a huge solar array–2300 solar panels that can generate a peak of 400 kW!

Fox News employee is suing Fox News for being bitten by bedbugs at work and how they did not treat her office for moths to get rid of the problem:

50 Cent (a rapper if you do not know, one of the top selling artists in the country) has had a troubled past…but being accused of burning down a house *while his son and ex-girlfriend were inside* would be notable even for him. However, it should be noted that he is involved in a dispute with his ex over the home and she is not an unbiased source for this matter:,0,905811.story


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