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June 2, 2008

LOTD for June 2

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Newsweek has an interesting article giving the history of UAV development. Pretty interesting that earlier versions did not have GPS or any way to report where the enemy they were watching was actually located:

Women are protesting and lobbying for the right to become terrorists and join Al Qaeda. This is a whole other type of fight for equal rights…

Another article about the danger that Chinese hackers pose to the US and how they might have been responsible for 2 major blackouts in the US:

DARPA just gave a Phase II award to design and build a prototype for the 7.5cm, 10-gram, flying UAV (due to its size it is called a nano AV). The weird thing is that Phase I was $1.7 mil and Phase II is $636k:

The DoE hopes that 20% of US energy needs can be generated by wind energy by 2030:

Intel’s CEO announced that Intel will be entering the mobile phone market again. He also said that he expects a new category of personal computers (mobile Internet devices) to be launched around Intel’s new CPU:

Marvell’s stock jumped 23.3% due to stronger than expected WiFi and 3G chip sales:

A weaker world economy (especially in the US) has resulted in a weaker export growth for China:

China is having its wired/wireless operators merge into a reduced number of entities (this was in the LOTD a week or so ago). The deals have started already and the estimated value of the mergers is $70 billion:

Motorola has already invested $3.8 billion in China, but they just announced that they will invest $1 bil for R&D in China. This is quite different than cheap manufacturing or assembly operations–this is a significant piece of their R&D budget:

Google will offer an iPhone-like appolications store for Android developers:

Sequans is proud to announce that they are the first WiMAX chipmaker to be able to offer 2×2 MIMO for both uplink and downlink. Apparently the others companies cannot do uplink MIMO:
Press Release

The National Association of Broadcasters is lobbying Congress as part of its opposition to white spaces devices:

College newspapers are doing quite well with advertisers, especially when a study found that 82% of college students read their campus newspaper:

Dish and Echostar sued TiVo, in a suit related to TiVo’s lawsuit against Dish/Echostar:

Star Trek technology come to life: Telstra beamed a 3-D, life-size hologram of its CTO to a meeting 460 miles away:

Amazing stat: 70% of US men aged 18-34 view porn over the Internet at least once per month. One in 3 visitors to adult sites are women:


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