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June 4, 2008

LOTD for June 4

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Pretty amazing results from this study! Using a $5.99 marker to darken the feathers of male barn swallows resulted in a huge change in them. Within a week the male birds had a HUGE jump in testosterone (while the 33 birds that did not get the marker coloring lost half their testosterone) and received MUCH more attention from female birds. In fact, the birds whose feathers were darkened via markers lost weight because they weren’t able to eat as much because they were spending so much time mating!

This “extreme hybrid” SUV can get 150 mpg and can go 40 miles without using any gas:

Canada expected to raise $1.5 bil with their spectrum auction…but they have already exceeded $2.5 bil in bids!

Oklahoma City now has a 555-sq-mile WiFi mesh network for public safety. It cost just $5 mil and will save them a ton of money and will result in more efficient police/fire/etc. operations:

Pretty awesome technology (expect this to show up on CSI next year!) that allows for scientists to obtain a fingerprint even *after* the fingerprint itself was removed:

Interesting video of a test of the military translation device:

The US military got their latest robot:

Criminals are increasingly attacking enterprise networks and their cyber attacks are getting more sophisticated. Most of the cyber attacks are coming from China. I never knew that just reading a pdf file could allow a hacker to control your computer!

Japanese companies are actually getting blackmailed by criminals (mainly from China) who ask for money in order for their botnet denial-of-service attacks to stop:

CBS and ABC now have high-def online videos:

Next-generation computers can take different shapes (like a Coke can!) or be completely foldable (an origami computer?):
Article link

Expect fireworks at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose on 8/1 when Yahoo’s management and Icahn battle over control of Yahoo:

Hard to imagine how this couple was divorced for 10 years without realizing it!

LG had their TV commercial banned because it showed someone driving while talking on their cell phone:

Note about how both McCain and Obama might select women VP candidates to woo women who are upset at Hilary not being the Democratic candidate:

Man in India ordered the murder of his father (on the day before his father retired) because he wanted to get his father’s government job:

It is surprising to me that Tony Romo is on the cover of US Weekly and that he’s never been on the cover of Sports Illustrated:

Looks like Guitar Hero is going after Metallica after their Aerosmith version is out:

Gina Gershon’s lawyers have demanded a retraction and correction for a Vanity Fair story that implied that she has been having some type of inappropriate relationship with Pres. Clinton:

Anyone with a Starbucks gift card can get 2 hours of free WiFi every day at Starbucks! They have to use the gift card at least once per month to keep getting the free WiFi. Those that sign up by July 14 get a free Starbucks coffee!


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