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June 5, 2008

LOTD for June 5

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Analyst says that Intel may be looking to *exit* the WiMAX market, as rumors state that Intel is losing patience and money with WiMAX:
Article link

Tyson killed and buried 15,000 hens in Arkansas after they tested positive for exposure to bird flu. They are downplaying the incident but I wonder how bird flu got to Arkansas?

Inflatable electric cars could be cheap (under $10k, with one car targeted for $2500), safe, and have a long range (2500 miles!). The cars could be flat shipped like furniture from Ikea! I agree with the conclusion of this article that the availability of a safe, cheap, and long-range electric car could provide a painless transition to environmentally friendly transportation:

This is a scary development–“flying IEDs” are being used in Iraq:

The Army scientist who has been claiming that the sun, not man, was responsible for global warming now says that man-made greenhouse gasses may be contributing up to 70% of the effect for global warming:

This commentary states that the resignation of the Air Force Chief and Secretary was not because of the recent nuclear weapons handling problem, but that the nuke problem gave a good excuse for Secretary of Defense Gates to prevail in his bureaucratic battle:

The House of Representatives has denied the $33 mil in funding requested for the design of the next-generation nuclear warhead, eliminating the funding for that program.
Article link

California is officially in a drought and businesses and citizens are worried about the prospect of mandatory water conservation or water rationing:

The Bush Administration has approved of the export of sensitive spy equipment and expertise to China due to concerns over attacks during the Olympics. With China being viewed as a long-term security threat and the equipment being restricted for export, this has generated some controversy:

The Air Force needs a new air jamming platform:

The Navy thinks that UAVs will have a role in spying but not as armed combatants. The Air Force has been insisting on armed UAVs but the Navy feels that having fighter pilots on the scene cannot be replaced:

Piracy is up 75% over the past decade, with nearly one pirate attack a day now:

This was the rumor when I woke up this morning: Looks like Verizon may acquire Alltel and become the biggest US cellular carrier. Alltel went private 7 months ago and it appears that the banks who financed the $27 bil purchase want to get the debt off their balance sheet (due to the current credit crunch) and they are willing to sell at a loss:

The rumor became a reality today! Verizon ended up paying $28.1 bil–$5.9 bil in equity and the $22.2 bil debt that Alltel owed from the money borrowed to take it private. This will make Verizon the biggest wireless operator in the US. Integrating the cellular service should be pretty easy because Alltel has been a roaming partner for Verizon for years and Alltel operates in 57 markets that Verizon does not serve. Both use CDMA and Qualcomm’s BREW platform and both planned to migrate to LTE. Verizon says that it expect to realize synergies of more than $9 bil from reduced capital and operating expense savings:
Press Release

Mobile operators have finally shifted their spending to 3G (WCDMA/HSPA), but 3G’s lifespan may be shortened because 4G will be here soon:

Hong Kong tried to create some WiFi network competition. Unfortunately, the WiFi startups are allowed to use the lamp posts but are NOT allowed access to electricity…so, the startups cannot compete with the incumbent carrier:

Google signed a 40-year lease for 1.2 million square feet of office space inside of NASA Ames. The government gets $3.66 mil per year from Google and Google gets cheap office space near its headquarters and they hope to get some collaboration work with the NASA Ames scientists:

Microsoft says they are still interested in a Yahoo deal:

The FBI feels that a Philly TV news anchor was targeted by a jealous colleague who wanted to destroy her career:

Study secretly tracked 100,000 people outside of the US via their cell phone use:

Federal authorities in NY found 20,000 counterfeit cell phones from China and Hong Kong:

This man with cancer bet one of the largest bookmakers in the UK that he would still be alive a year later…and he collected on his bet!

I cannot believe that Ed McMahon’s home is in foreclosure!

CBS in bringing Gamestop TV to 4000+ Gamestop stores around the country:

Boyfriend posted a video of his girlfriend doing the hula-hoop game from Wii Fit and it immediately got 500,000 views! The view count probably was helped by her being in her underwear in the video. She was upset but apparently now is enjoying her fame:

Here is a link to the video:


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