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June 10, 2008

LOTD for June 10

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Interesting bill being pushed by two US senators to give foreign nationals who earn advanced degrees in the US permanent residency. Amazing that a job offer will mean a Green Card to those who earn advanced degrees!
Infoworld article

Nuclear power plant was shut down after a single computer received a software update. Utilities are putting nuclear power plants control online in order to improve efficiency, but they apparently are vulnerable now to cyber attacks. Internal cyber accidents could result in even greater problems than hacker attacks:

Some research conferences were caught spending lavishly on their attendees. I’ve never been to a conference like this–the last conference I went to they didn’t even give us lunch or dinner!

iRobot is moving into the autonomous underwater vehicle market:

Research about a school of robotic fish studies how to get teams of underwater robots to cooperate:

Iraqi lawmakers claim that the US is demanding 58 bases in Iraq, plus control of Iraqi airspace below 30,000 feet and immunity from prosecution for US troops and private contractors such as Blackwater:

Taser lost for the first time in court and was ordered to pay more than $6 mil in damages for a man’s death in Salinas:

Salmonella incidents have resulted in 3 varieties of tomatoes being pulled from stores and restaurants:

The problems with the tomatoes have been traced to either tomatoes from Mexico or Florida. So, Mexican growers have stopped shipments to the US:

The Florida tomato industry is in “total collapse” and $40 mil of Florida tomatoes may be wasted:

AT&T’s chief executive talks about the 3G iPhone. Interesting that this is the first iPhone that AT&T is subsidizing. Some analysts say that AT&T may actually be subsidizing the iPhone by up to $499 per iPhone! AT&T says that they will make their money back by reduced churn and by increasing the unlimited data fee from $20 to $30 per month:

Apple’s competitors (who already have 3G phones on the market) reacted strongly to some of what Steve Jobs said yesterday:

More negative reaction to the 3G iPhone by Apple’s competitors:

The Belmont States had WiFi coverage via a network recently installed by Meru Networks:

More than 1/3 of US tech workers would take a pay cut if they could work from home:

Article about how geeks do not necessarily make good jurors in tech cases. Funny line about how Silicon Valley jurors often know more than the expert witnesses who testify or “at least think they do”:
Infoworld article

FedEx and Facebook teamed up to send virtual packages:

Rich 80-year-old widow in India threw a lavish party for 100,000 people, hoping that it would please the gods and give her a spot in heaven:


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