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June 11, 2008

LOTD for June 11

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Google co-founder Sergey Brin put his money down for a ride to the space station. This doesn’t surprise me because I know that he’s been fascinated by space for years. I remember the first dinner party I went to with him–I think there were 5 of us at my ex’s home for dinner then–he and his co-founder spent most of the night asking me questions about my work for JPL. This was when they were graduate students before they started Google:

Not only do airlines have their maintenance done on their planes in other countries where the facilities are not properly inspected by the FAA, but many US airlines buy their spare parts on-line from suppliers that are not inspected or approved by the FAA! Airlines actually can get critical airline parts from Craigslist!
Article link

The Air Force just gave a $49 mil contract for balloon-based communications platforms:

BBC investigation found that $23 bil may have been lost, stolen, or not properly accounted for in Iraq. Unfortunately, a US gag order prevents the BBC from discussing what they found, but they hope that the next US President will lift the gag order:

We sold our Honda Odyssey today because I’m working at home and we only need one car–it was sad to have a minivan driven once a week or less while we were paying insurance and its value was deteriorating. I told Lori that we should wait until the new models come out for 2009 before we think about getting anther car, and was very interested when I found out that the 2009 Prius will be a big redesign of the current Prius. Pretty cool that a plug-in Prius is coming by 2010:

Honda is releasing a new hybrid in early 2009 that I’ll compare with the Prius before we buy our next car:

Rumors are that the new Honda Fit hybrid is being released this fall and I will definitely study it closely. Interesting that it is targeted for the $15k range and may have higher mpg than the Prius:

iPhone owners can trade up their current iPhones for credit towards the 3G iPhone:

Review of the 3G iPhone:
Article link

Five reasons to buy the 3G iPhone:
Article link

Comparison between the 3G iPhone and competing smartphones:
Article link

Looks like Nokia is currently sells the main rival to te iPhone, even selling more units than the current iPhone:

Apple is not releasing the 3G iPhone in Southeast Asia, so Samsung is going to sell an iPhone knock-off in those countries (China, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, etc.):

Nortel is teaming with Alvarion for WiMAX:
Press release

Nortel is shifting its R&D to LTE, a notable change since they used to be focused on WiMAX IP:

Verizon has to sell assets in 6 market before the Department of Justice will approve its purchase of Rural Cellular:

MetroFi (free and premium WiFi service to Cupertino, San Jose, Sunnyvale, and Santa Clara) is going out of business:

HP completely revamped their computer product lines today: 16 new laptops, plus new desktops and displays:
Article link

Article with several short news about cancer research. Interesting that cancer spreads faster when a patient is stressed and that the spread slows when the patient is calm:
Article link

Carbon trading seems to have had a positive effect in Europe without hurting their economy:

Article about how the unusual weather we are having has resulted in a big problem for US farmers–corn and soybean crops are expected to be well below normal:

Interesting article about the advances in anti-aging drugs. Some scientists are already taking resveratrol in capsule form because the results have been compelling:
NY Times article

Very interesting information on the revenue generated by blogs and the valuations of the top 25 blog properties:

Google now provides insight into trends by showing the popularity of various words and how that differs regions, cities, or languages:


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