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June 13, 2008

LOTD for June 13

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It is awesome that UH finally approved the Navy Research Center (it was nearly a 4-year process!). They will be giving out about $10 mil in Navy research funds every year, and one of the 4 areas they will fund is communication systems. I know the profs there (even met with the EE Chair last year to talk about the Navy Research Center) and it would be great to have a client in Hawaii someday that I would be “forced” to visit once per year with their funding. I’m sure that would be one trip that other members of my company would not mind traveling on:

Motorola is cutting 150 R&D jobs at Motorola Labs and reassigning 180 others in R&D positions:,0,5698470.story

The worst launch pad damage in space shuttle history may cause long-term problems for NASA:
Article link

Looks like Chinese hackers are attacking the computers and cell phones of members of Congress:

The Pentagon is concerned about foreign governments buying pieces of defense companies through what are called sovereign wealth funds:

The Royal Air Force (UK) blew up the world’s biggest drug haul–237 *tons* of pot! They also destroyed 5 tons of opium…normally, 5 tons of opium would seem like a huge drug bust, but that is overshadowed by the 237 tons of pot! There will be some pretty unhappy drug runners in Afghanistan after this.

DARPA’s new aircraft control system helps a plane remain under control and land even after the aircraft was damaged:

This video shows toddlers in Oklahoma shooting machine guns at cars as part of a family event:

It is pretty odd that apparently nobody can fail the training to become an Army advisor to Iraq and Afghanistan–no matter how badly one does in the training, one automatically passes anyway:

Congress added $2.3 bil above President Bush’s budget request for the Department of Homeland Security:

MIMO channel emulator won an MITX award:
Article link

Looks like the Yahoo-Microsoft deal is dead and Yahoo signed a deal with Google to have Google do the searches for Yahoo’s websites. If I’m interpreting this correctly (a BIG if!), Yahoo can make $800 mil more per year if they use Google’s search results instead of their own…considering that Google is taking their cut from the searches on Yahoo’s sites, that means that Google search make a TON more money than Yahoo searches!

Problems with child porn may lead to Usenet (the alt.* newsgroups) being banned in the US:


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