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June 14, 2008

LOTD for June 14

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US and allied deaths in Afghanistan passed the monthly deaths in Iraq for the first time since the Iraq war started:

Some carbon nanotubes could cause cancer, similar effects to asbestos. Considering how many things are now made with carbon nanotubes, this is quite disturbing but could explain any increases in cancer now over the past:

16% of biology teachers in the US are creationists and a high percentage are teaching that creationism is a valid, scientific alternative to Darwinism:

This 19-year-old New Jersey girl got upset that a boy she liked asked someone else to his Senior Prom. So, she burned his house down! The boy’s parents and 7 siblings were in the house at the time and now they have no home to live in!

Teenager was bitten in the face by a shark…in his own bedroom! He was sleepwalking and it took over 15 minutes to get the shark off of his cheek!

This woman’s heart stopped for the third time and she was taken off of life support. TEN minutes later, she started talking and she is apparently fine today!

Romanian hiker sacrificed his life to save his wife and their friend:

Gisele Bundchen is definitely not after Tom Brady’s money. Amazing that she just spent $50 mil for her Gulfstream!


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