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June 16, 2008

LOTD for June 16

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Pretty cool that Honda rolled out their zero emission fuel cell car. It is only available to people who live in certain cities in Southern California. Lori has wanted a fuel cell car for years but we’ll have to wait probably 5 years or so before that is feasible. Pretty cool that the fuel cell cars only emit water instead of pollution:
Article link

I noticed in this article that Honda isn’t expecting to be able to mass produce the fuel cell car for another 10 years. It is great that Honda should have 3 new hybrid car models out in early 2009, a new version of their hybrid Civic, a hybrid CR-Z sports car, and a hybrid Fit:

Wind powered cell phone charging tent uses a wind generator and solar panels to charge up to 100 cell phones simultaneously. Pretty cool that the attendees of this music festival will be able to charge their phones for free throughout the weekend:

Scientists have actually found a way to genetically alter bugs so that the waste (poop) is actually crude oil! The bugs each stuff like wood chips and wheat straw and excrete crude oil! It is pretty amazing that this “Oil 2.0” is renewable and carbon negative. Who knew that crude oil is only a few molecular stages removed from the fatty acids excreted by yeast or E. coli during fermentation?

Amazing low-power microchip developed at the University of Michigan has a sleep mode of 30 picowatts!
Article link

IBM is partnering with Japan’s TOK to develop solar technology:

Climate changes due to global warming may lead to a 500-year megadrought for North America just like the drought from 800 to 1250 in North America:
Article link

Canada and India just launched joint technology and science initiatives:

Biotech companies are facing a funding crisis:

Surprise 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Japan on Saturday from a previously unknown fault line shows that a major earthquake could strike anywhere in Japan at anytime:

Apparently it is popular to shoot green lasers (via high-power laser pointers) at airplanes in New Zealand. This blinds the pilots as they are trying to land and is extremely dangerous:

More Canadian troops have been sent to Kandahar City in response to the prison break in which 870 prisoners were set free, including about 400 Taliban fighters:

Looks like Pakistan’s Khan wasn’t just selling nuclear expertise to Iran, North Korea, etc., but he apparently also was selling instructions enabling nuclear weapons to be put on ballistic missiles:

UC-Berkeley researchers found a way to enable an iPhone to control a team of robotic spy planes:

Clearwire (who clearly wants to give the most optimistic projections possible) expects 30 million WiMAX subscribers by 2017, but ABI projects that LTE will have 32 million subscribers by 2012. So, those analysts project that LTE will pass WiMAX for subscribers by 2010 or 2011:;jsessionid=0FVFILI2GGKMIQSNDLSCKHA?articleID=208403781

Interesting how some cellular operators in the Asian Pacific region that are using 2G now will go straight to 4G (LTE) and skip 3G completely:

China Mobile will not expand its TD-SCDMA network until after the Olympics. Apparently the TD-SCDMA trials are *not* going well, but the Chinese government is forcing China Mobile to stick with TD-SCDMA:

Analyst discusses harmonization between LTE and WiMAX:
Article link

Motorola is having a difficult time splitting their company into 2 parts because nobody wants to buy the handset division they plan to spin off and the $4 bil in cash the handset division needs to spin off will hurt Motorola’s credit rating:

Report is that the FCC will back the XM/Sirius merger:

Media buyers worry that the Google-Yahoo partnership for search will eventually mean the end to Yahoo’s search platform:

Woman with 5 dead husbands is being investigated by police, especially due to reports about how she was soliciting hit men to kill her 4th husband (who eventually was shot to death). Coincidence?:


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