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June 17, 2008

LOTD for June 17

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Army auditor claims he was fired in 2004 because he refused to approve $1 bil in questionable payments to Halliburton. The Pentagon recently gave Halliburton part of a 10-year $150 bil contract for Iraq operations:

The Navy unveiled their solar power system that can provide the electricity to 10 homes in Navy housing. I didn’t realize that the military was the biggest consumer of power in Hawaii:

iRobot is going to an endurance record-holding undersea robot developed by the University of Washington:

iRobot also just got a big DARPA contract to build robots that can squeeze through openings that are smaller than the dimensions of the robot:

The Army is sending their Micro Air Vehicles to Iraq, at least partly in response to the criticism of Future Combat Systems and the need to demonstrate some success for FCS to keep the funding going:

The Air Force is putting pieces of its new Cyber Command in every state, a strategy that gets Congress behind a plan:

Defense Secretary Gates was able to get rid of the top 2 people at the Air Force, so it looks like there is no resistance to his directive for more armed UAVs to be sent to Iraq and Afghanistan:

AT&T is partially subsidizing the 3G iPhone…but in Germany T-Mobile’s subsidy will make the 3G iPhone cost just $1.55 (just 1 euro!) for those who sign up for a qualifying service plan:

Finland’s phone company is moving people from wired service to wireless-only service:

The WiMAX Forum just announced the first certified 16e products for the 2.5 GHz band:
Press release

PG&E is building a solar-thermal-biofuel hybrid power plant near Coalinga that can generate 700 GWh annually of renewable electricity:

Intel is spinning off a solar energy technology company, with a $50 mil investment from Intel Capital to help it get going:

Florida hacker got a 41 month sentence for setting up a botnet to install adware on PCs in Europe:
Infoworld article

Article about how high gas prices have airlines headed to a “catastrophe”:

Coke has an ambitious recycling plan and their clothing line from recycled bottles has done well with the public:

Coke is reducing its bottle size from 20 ounces to 16 ounces:

Hefty has shrunk its packaging to reduce waste–not only is that environmentally responsible, but it gives them room for more of their product on store shelves which could make them more money:

Interesting stats on car sales through the US–sales patterns are changing due to higher gas prices:

Some cars that used to be called SUVs are now being called crossovers, as the SUV category is now less popular due to high gas prices:

Forclosures are up significantly from last year and even up from the previous month:

Most gamers like ads in games and when done well those ads are very effective:

Yahoo says that its mobile search service now reaches 600 million customers:

Google unveiled Android and showed off some applications written for it:


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