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June 18, 2008

LOTD for June 18

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Material designed that can actually redirect sounds and can shield objects from noise. The acoustic cloaking device has obvious applications–hiding ships from sonar, getting rid of street noise from a building, making buildings quiet even when they are surrounded by freeways or are in an airport:

Blacklight Power makes some amazing claims–energy made 10x cheaper than the cheapest that coal, wind, and nuclear power now. Trouble is, their physics and chemistry ideas go against what science says is possible now:

The claims by this new company about their vertical take-off and landing UAV are pretty amazing…people are trying to figure out how credible their claims are:

You can vote for your favorite moon-bound team, among the teams competing for Google’s $30 mil prize to land a robot on the moon and travel 500 meters on the moon’s surface:

DARPA cannot find enough Program Managers, so Pentagon just took $32 mil away from them:

The GAO sided with Boeing in their protest of the $100 bil tanker contract that was awarded to Northrop/EADS. With this decision, it is likely that the Air Force will have to go through the bidding process again:

Google dominates the mobile phone search market also. Google has 61% market share, Yahoo has 18%, Microsoft has 5%:

British interest in the 3G iPhone is 4x the interest they had for the 2G iPhone. This is no surprise to me because not only will the iPhone have much faster data rates, but it is being HEAVILY subsidized. The 2G iPhone cost up to $526…the 3G iPhone will be *free* for those with a qualifying cellular plan:
Article link

These new Samsung cell phones are made with corn-based plastic and do not use any heavy metals (lead, mercury, cadmium, etc.):
Infoworld article

Amazing that China uses 45% of the cement used in the world! Each year China adds the equivalent amount of city of 1 to 1.5 times of Los Angeles:

The video game industry is expected to grow from $42 bil in sales last year to $68 bil by 2012:


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