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June 20, 2008

LOTD for June 20

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Great job by the military to get their bases in Iraq to generate electricity from trash! This reduces the need for convoys to deliver fuel (those convoys are targets) and the 30x reduction in garbage reduces the need for garbage trucks (who are also targets) to be used:

The Pentagon’s budget includes $34 billion for classified programs:

Video of robotic arms folding a tiny origami bird:

The rise in ocean temperature and sea level (between 1961 and 2003) is actually 50% higher than was estimated last year:
Article link

Google’s $20 mil moon rover prize has spurred a lot of teams to work on the project:

Cupertino man who was born in China was the first person convicted in violation of the Economic Espionage Act of 1996:

Sprint says that the Clearwire WiMAX network will benefit public safety:

Israel’s training exercise seems to be a rehearsal for bombing the Iran’s nuclear facility and their public display of the exercise seems to be intended to attract as much attention as possible:

Sacramento is considering a tax on text messaging:

Looks like a lot of senior people are bailing on Yahoo since their talks with Microsoft ended:

Wi-LAN just added Motorola, RIM, and UTStarCom to the list of companies that it is suing for patent infringement:

Businesses aren’t convinced they should be moving from the Blackberry to the iPhone:

Alcatel-Lucent’s CEO had boos and catcalls from the audience at their annual meeting:
Article link

By the end of this year the Internet is expected to pass TV as the biggest advertising medium:

GM announces a $5 mil program at Carnegie Mellon to work on autonomous cars:

The CDC raised the number of salmonella cases due to tomatoes to 383, with the total continuing to grow:

Italy’s highest court says that Italy’s Military Police cannot have extra-marital affairs because that would sully the Carabinieri’s name:

This 12-year-old Canadian girl took her Dad to court about her Dad grounding her and the court sided with the girl, calling the grounding an excessive punishment! Why is a court actually ruling on a case like this? And this 12-year-old is posting photos of herself on dating sites, so I don’t really think the court should be trusting her judgement!


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