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June 21, 2008

LOTD for June 21

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This might be useful for Lori and many others–nasal irrigation can help fight Spring allergies, possibly being even more effective than medication:

Carlyle bought Booz Allen Hamilton for $2.54 billion. They are keeping the defense consulting group and spinning off the commercial consulting group. Some of the defense people I know are Booz Allen employees…I wonder if their e-mail addresses will change soon:

Schools around the country have changed the minimum grade for a student that fails from 0 to 50:

Indiana man drilled for oil in his backyard! He first found natural gas in his backyard that heated his home, then drilled deeper and found oil:

Restaurant owner and security guard simultaneously tased each other during a dispute! Charges were dropped against the restaurant owner:

I didn’t know that 20% of marriages today are between first cousins. Interesting factoid that the risk of birth defects by first cousin couples is far lower than the risk of birth defects by women over 40:

This grosses me out for some reason. New York researchers created the world’s first genetically engineered human embryo. They made the embryos glow fluorescently:

Research found that reading aloud to young children, especially before bedtime, stimulates all aspects of their development–motor skills, memory, emotional and social development:,,2279621,00.html

FAO Schwarz is opening 75 full size toy stores and 200 small toy stores inside of Macy’s:

This blogger points out the flaw in the study that concluded that raising cigarette prices makes smokers happier:

A big explosion in China destroyed 20 fireworks warehouses and could lead to fireworks shortages for July 4:


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