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June 22, 2008

LOTD for June 22

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Interesting that lead-exposed children have a MUCH higher chance of being arrested for violent crimes. Every 5-microgram increase in blood lead level at age 6 correlated with a 50% increase in violent crime later in life!

This guy was given a little gold cup from his grandfather, and he used the toy for target practice with his air gun when he was a kid. Now he’s 70-years-old and was moving so he got the cup appraised…it is worth about $1 mil!

The designer of the Pringles can was cremated and part of his ashes were buried in a Pringles can:

Thoughts of our mortality results in overeating and overspending:

This 101-year-old Florida woman got her driver’s license renewed for 3 years!

Rising food prices have resulted in increased sales of Spam:

A spell check on a high school yearbook really messed up the last names of some unfortunate high school students:

Since the TSA was formed in 2001 it has fired 200 employees accused of stealing. Apparently designer glasses in luggage are a big target for thieves:

Interesting to see this Gallup Poll about the differences between Democrats and Republicans. It is hard me me to believe that in 2008 only 41% of Republicans believe that the effects of global warming have already begun when in 1997 47% of Republicans felt that way! So, over the past 11 years, more Republicans have decided that global warming isn’t actually happening. In 1997 Democrats and Republicans actually shared the same views on global warming…but now it is a partisan issue:

Acidic water in the Pacific Ocean is threatening the Pacific Northwest’s shellfish industry and could decimate the marine life off the coast of Oregon and Washington:

Rising crude oil prices have made the forecast for the global airline industry to go from a projected profit of $4.5 bil to an estimated loss of over $6 bil at current oil prices!


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