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June 24, 2008

LOTD for June 23

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The Air Force has put out a call for metamaterial antennas, another example of defense interest in metamaterials:

For years environmental groups have been warning that global warming could make global tensions worse and possibly result in new armed conflicts. Now the US Intelligence community appears to agree with them, as they have concluded that the changing weather patterns contributes to the creation of terrorist safe havens and could lead to conflicts between countries;

South Florida has figured out to have the iPhone to control one of the military’s most popular ground robots. All that is needed is a WiFi connection!

Ousted Air Force Secretary Wynne talked about how his conflicts with Defense Secretary Gates led to his firing:

It is interesting how the Defense Threat Reduction Agency has been monitoring the webcam of a distillery in a remote Scottish location, and how they reacted when they found out:

Article about how AT&T is the biggest beneficiary of the 3G iPhone price cut…but the article fails to mention that the iPhone price cut is due to the large subsidy that AT&T is paying on the iPhone!

Looks like it costs AT&T $425 for every 3G iPhone sold–AT&T is subsidizing $325 of the price of the 3G iPhone *and* it is paying Apple a $100 royalty for each 3G iPhone sold. AT&T says that these subsidies mean that the deal will reduce earnings by 10 to 12 cents per share for the next 2 years but they hope to make a profit in 2010…but isn’t that when the customers will be finished with their contract and might be looking for another subsidized phone?

Web searches for porn by iPhone users has increased 5x in the past 6 months! A third of all iPhone users watch porn on their phones, for more than any other phone. The porn industry is now targeting iPhone users, with hundreds of porn websites created for iPhone users:

The 3G iPhone is expected to present a huge opportunity for the porn industry. I didn’t realize that in Europe customers pay $50 per month to send text messages to actresses! With the 3G iPhone termed the “porn-friendliest phone” and with its ability to show video, that market opportunity is not being ignored by the porn industry:,8599,1815933,00.html

Google’s Android platform is having some trouble and the Android phone releases are being delayed:

The FCC detailed their plans for free nationwide wireless broadband:

Portland, Riverside, Cuptertino, San Jose, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, and many other cities are losing the WiFi networks they had that were provided by the struggling MetroFi:

Amazing that the Pentagon plans to spend $4 bil on robots by 2010:

Pretty weird that environmentally-conscious Canada refuses to allow electric cars on their roads:

Researchers are looking at making plane wings out of glass instead of metal, avoiding metal fatigue:

Delta Airlines is experimenting with a cell phone boarding pass:

High gas prices have resulted in a weak market for muscle cars:

It is hard for me to imagine Microsoft without Bill Gates–but everybody has to retire eventually I guess:

Amazing that the broadcast networks took in a record $9.23 bil during the upfronts, despite falling ratings and a tough economy:

Looks like the syndicated TV programs also did really well in their advertising sales. I didn’t realize that CBS controlled about half of all syndicated programming:

Amazing how Speedo’s new swimsuit has changed the swimming world:

Article about how Google/Yahoo/Microsoft/AOL should get together to buy the Associated Press:

An NBC employee updated Tim Russert’s Wikipedia page with the news of his death before Russert’s family could be notified and before NBC could release the information themselves. That employee was fired:

Man was sentenced to 6 months in jail for having sex with a metal table:


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