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June 24, 2008

LOTD for June 24

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H-1B opponents are challenging the Bush Administration for their extending the OPT period from 12 months to 29 months. Chen and a lot of my former students at Santa Clara used the OPT period to work in the US while they were here on student Visas, which I thought was a great option they had. I didn’t realize that it had gone from a year to 29 months for that work period…that is a big change!
Article link

Interesting that the high-tech job market is doing very well in metropolitan areas. High-tech salaries are well above the rest of the private sector jobs now:

The University of Texas filed a lawsuit against the border fence being created by the Department of Homeland Security:
Article link

The Supreme Court rejected the lawsuit by two environmental groups over the border fence:

2 US troops were killed and 3 were wounded by an Iraqi council member:
Article link

Video of the stun glove that is also called the “taser glove” and allows the wearer to reach out and stun someone:

Pretty cool to read about how Northrop is creating “smart binoculars” to help soldiers see where danger is:
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DARPA is looking for a new head of their Defense Science Office. The pay isn’t bad ($172k) and the projects will be very high-risk, high-reward types of cutting-edge research projects that would seem to be more interesting than the normal government PM job:

Interesting discussion about DARPA’s hypersonic plane program and how it relies on the development of a pulse detonation engine (basically, an engine powered with explosions) to work:

Article about DARPA’s goal to have 1/3 of the Air Force be unmanned by 2010 and 1/3 of the soldiers removed from the Army’s ground vehicles by 2015:
Article link

Internal documents reveal that the Capitol Police are unprepared to deal with an attack on the US Capitol. Nearly half of the Capitol Police members are looking for other jobs due to the morale problem:

The head of the IAEA now says that Iran could have nuclear weapons in as quickly as 6 months!

New laser oscillator can make next-generation X-rays up to 100 million times brighter!

Robot is being created with 11 joints that will be able to climb vertically in oil, gas, and water pipes:

“Voice signatures” may be used soon to enable customers to do banking and other activities with their voices being part of the security process that verifies they are who they say they are:

Delta customers can pay $128 per year for speedier security lines:

The first SIP-based WiFi camera is available, this makes remote video monitoring even easier:

Nokia is planning to buy all of Symbian and make the operating system open source so that developers can add things for free. This will put Nokia/Symbian in direct competition with Apple/iPhone and Google/Android:

Google disputed yesterdays’ report that the Android launch was being delayed:
Article link

The weak economy has hurt the sales of cell phones:
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Frost & Sullivan report is *very* negative towards WiMAX, saying that by next year operators will figure out that 16e cannot be considered a feasible mobile broadband access technology!

It appears that Comcast for nationwide spectrum set aside for WiMAX femtocells as part of its Clearwire deal, and those femtocells are key to Comcast’s wireless strategy:

Apparently users with long fingernails have a big problem with the iPhone:

Vets want $1 mil donated to a veterans charity for disproving the Swift Boat allegations:

Amazing that the Beatles songs might be licensed to the games Guitar Hero or Rock Band before they ever show up on iTunes:

Interesting blog entry about people who suffer from empathy deficit disorder. I think that I know someone like this that we’ve seen at some parties and activities…and I feel sorry for his wife:

This 61-year-old guy who became famous for dancing at Kansas football games last year just got engaged to a 22-year-old Kansas coed. This is his 3rd marriage and they have only known each other for a little more than a month…I’ve read a follow-up article that talked about how the coed’s father is concerned about the situation and wants to set up a discussion between them and a third party to discuss the upcoming marriage:


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