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June 25, 2008

LOTD for June 25

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The FAA made a Google Maps mash-up that shows the location of *every* US Military Base. And a user can zoom in on any base and see satellite imagery…is this something that the military really wants available to anyone?

The US Military will spend $24 bil to arm cargo trucks, adding 2000 pounds per truck:

The Defense Intelligence Agency is worried about terrorists and enemy countries being able to attack US satellites by 2020:

A second social scientist who was embedded with the military in Iraq was killed:

The National Intelligence Council Chairman says that global warming may significantly tax US military readiness:

Florida residents believe that global warming will have dangerous impacts on their state:

The Taliban made an estimated $100 mil from opium last year:

40 million people who are 65 years or older have their social security numbers printed on their Medicare cards. Social Security officials want those numbers removed due to identity theft concerns, but Medicare officials have refused:
Article link

Article about the push for medium and large trucks to get hybrid systems:
Article link

A third ethanol plant has been delayed due to the high price of corn and the low price of ethonal fuel:

80-story Dubai skyscraper has been designed with revolving floors to give a constantly changing view:

This commentator *really* went off about Motorola’s latest strategy announcement:

It appears that the 3G iPhone costs just $173 to make–so, Apple is making a killing since the phones sell for $199 and AT&T is paying them a $300 subsidy (plus a $100 royalty) per phone!
Article link

Verizon is releasing the touch-screen LG Dare to compete with the iPhone:

Here is a photo of the LG Dare:

Article about why WiMAX is having trouble catching on with top-tier operators:

Article about how GSM will eventually be replaced by WCDMA because WCDMA is cheaper to run. LTE’s spectrum variations are also discussed, which will impact LTE phone designs:

Speculation about whether or not TD-SCDMA is ready to take off in China:

Vodafone is disputing a $2 bil tax bill in India:

T-Mobile has a new home phone service that will allow customers to make unlimited nationwide calls from their home phone for $10 per month. In test markets Dallas and Seattle T-Mobile found that 97% of their customers dropped their landline phone service since they took this offer:
Press release

Article about how H-1B Visas do not create jobs:
Article link

United Airlines plans to layoff 950 pilots, take early retirement from 600 flight attendants, and cut flights:,united062308.article

1.4 bil people use the internet regularly this year and the number is expected to grow to 1.9 billion by 2012:
Press release

42-year-old Atlanta woman did not have air conditioning and decided to climb inside of her freezer…and she unfortunately died:
Article link

The Orange County Register going to outsource some copy editing and page layout work to India:
Article link


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